Best Monitors used under $800

Hello:would appreciate any info on best monitors used under $800 for simaudio celeste integrated,my preference is for an open,neutral,transparent and extended type of sound,currently i have paradigms studio 20's and would like an upgrade path that would better them in vocals,mids,more refine highs and maybe bass aswell,speaker cables are dh labs q-10,interconnect are synergistic ref and cd player is an EAD ultradisc 2000,thanks to all in advance,regards,AL
Hi, Alfred: I've had recent experience with several very good monitors that are available for less than $800 (used). You should check out the following, all of which offer high quality sound (arranged in ascending order of price): 1. Krix Equinox (I have a pair in my office system, and they are terrific); 2. B&W CDM1 SE (or new model, the CDM1 NT) 3. PSB Stratus Mini; 4. Coincident Technology Triumph Signature. None of these monitors will produce the lower octave-and-a-half of bass, so you will need a good quality subwoofer (for music, the Vandersteen 2W or V2W is nearly unbeatable).
If you can find the original B&W CDM-1 get them instead of the SE model. The NT are going to be $1000 to $1200 new. Probably too soon for used. The CDM-2 or DM602-S2 are good too.
Just browsing tonight I came across the following on Audioweb, Audioreview, Audioshopper and Audiogon: ACI Sapphire2, Spendor3/5, Legacy Audio Studio, and a floorstanding alternative, Mission775s. Check them out and also look for Dynaudio Audience and Totem1s. I am partial to the Totems but they are all worth a look. For the larger standmounts Partsexpress has heavy gauge metal stands for about 100 bucks, for the smaller ones Atacama stands can be found almost as cheap. There are lots of decent box speakers out there, good luck.
The post above mentions Legacy Audio Studio, on this site in Rosewood for $650. If it is in 9/10 as add says its a good deal for a very good speaker. I own a pair myself (I would not sell) good company, good speaker. Can be used as main speakers on a very good system with a sub.
The Legacy Audio studios are great, so is the moniter offering by silverline: the SR 17, and the SR 15. Although they cost a little more than $800 new, they sound great with the right gear. If you want an an unbeatable deal in a small tower that takes up little space, try the Vandersteen 1C. I owned a pair of 1B's in my 10k system, and if the 1C's are indication of what I enjoyed for years, you would be hard pressed to find a better buy in full range performance. New they cost around $800