Best monitor under $1000

Von's, Totem's, Dyna's, Usher's, B&W's, etc...?

Will be used with a 120WPC Consonance C-1 integrated in a bedroom system. Prefer 40Hz reach.

North Acoustics Spirit.
I can't be for certain that they are the "best" $1,000 monitor, but I can tell you from personal experience that the Dynaudio Audience 52 is a very good monitor speaker with surprisingly solid bass performance. You may even be able to find a used pair of 52 SE's for less than $1K. I'd stay away from the lower priced B&W's, as I think most, but not all of their entry-mid level gear is highly over-rated. I've not heard Totems or Usher's, but I've heard they are very good value's.
Used Totem Model1.

Without sounding like a wiseguy on this one ...

There are many "best" monitors for under a $1000, that will all provide you with very good sound. But with what you have shared with us so far, it would be a fluke if any one recommendation gave you the "best" sound in return.

You will be using these speakers in a bedroom system ...

How will the speakers be placed ... on stands, inside a bookcase or on top of a dresser or armoire, wall mounted, etc? How far will they be from a back wall? How far will they be placed apart?

What will your listening position be ... fully reclined in bed; sitting up in bed; sitting in a chair; etc? Is the bedroom, in reality, where most of your listening occurs?

Room specifics ... carpet & drapes & heavy furniture or more spartan and Ikea like or somewhere in between? Are you or a significant other looking for a certain "look" or "lifestyle."

Listening preferences ... low volume as in "can't disturb the upstairs or downstairs neighbors" or as loud as I would like it to be? What type(s) of music do you typically listen to? What sound qualities are important to you ... detailed; on the warmish side; lots of bass; etc.?

When you can get a better handle on some of these questions, then I think that you will be able to narrow the list down pretty quickly. I do believe that certain speakers are better than others for bedroom duty, but more information is needed.

Regards, Rich
look at the triangle lines

You're absolutely right. What I should've asked was "Best monitor you've heard for under a grand". Your responces are always considerations to be pondered, and I should have put more thought into my vague question. All that being a given, any opinions on monitors you've heard?

I've got several ATC products (big and small), and large Apogees panels for my general listening. My ATC SCM20SL are the smallest monitor I've spent any time around (oh, and B&W 602-S3 book shelf), but are back in my home state. This will be a "hold-me-over" system for extensive business travels of months on end.

I listen to mostly Jazz of all catagories, Classical, New Age, and electronic relaxation music. I prefer a slightly warmer speaker that image like crazy. They will be placed on typical bedroom furniture (dressers, etc).

Still have any recomendations?

Also, thanks S23chang for your input, and will give them some research
I have the JM Reynaud Twin IIIs in my bedroom. Circa $800

They have a lovely relaxed sound, while at the same time providing all the usual audiophile suspects of imaging, frequency response, dynamics. They are connected to an Arcam Alpha 10 integrated and a Sony SCD-C333ES.

Definately the Consonance Eric-1s are my choice at $995/pr. new. They "only" get down to 46hz, but they are a perfect match for your integrated, and I loved what I heard so much I am buying a pair for my 2nd system myself. The only downside is they may be a tad bright for your tastes...

If used speakers are also being considered, then the Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors sound like a very good match for your electronics and preferences. They will run you about 1K/pr. used, and are on the slightly warm side of the spectrum. They sound great on all of your music catagory preferences, IMO.

Good luck,

Thanks Metralla, and will attempt to locate some info and audition.

How about Silverline SR11s? (Used)
I would also suggest looking into the JM Renaud Twin III's. The only thing I didn't like about them was they were made in France... I heard them in a much larger room than they should have been in, and they sounded great. I think the sales guy may have mentioned they can be power hungry, so you may want to look into that.

I have also heard/owned bookshelves from B&W, Triangle, Soliloquy... so not an expert in that size speaker, but the Twin III's did impress me a lot.
Thanks everyone for your recommendations and opinions. Now, I get to research each and every one. Several of these models have been brought to my attention via personal e-mails with friends, so, it seems you're all on the same page.

Thanks so much,

Hello again,

Anybody else heard LSA Group's "LSA1" Monitors? This is another recommendation for under $1K. Just wondering...

Have you listened to Quad 12Ls? Audition them once before making any decision.

This topic has come up before and the following is a recent example . The discussion got a bit spirited at the end. The thrust of the discussion though was just how much money does one sink into bedroom speakers, given the types of speaker placement/listening position restrictions that exist.

This system is your "away" system while you're on the road. I had a similar situation six years ago while working in Europe (home in NYC; flat in London; and my traveling circuit for 3 years was London; Channel Islands; Geneva; Vienna; and Frankfurt). My main concern was with breaking up the system and getting some of my money back, when it was time to go home for good.

With the preceding in mind, here's a way to go. Audio Advisor is clearing out its stock of Wharfedale Diamond speakers. They have the Diamond 9.2 for more than half price off. Superb speaker that will give you what you are looking for, especially for the types of music that you listen to and the near rear wall, on top of furniture placement that a bedroom system dictates. In addition to the Wharfedales, I have found that the NHT SB 2's & 3's (now replaced by NHT Classic 2 & 3) excel in bedroom set-ups, because they are acoustic suspension/sealed box design and are not placement fussy.

I am not familar with the amp that you will be using and what speakers tend to match up with it best. Incidentally though, the best monitor that I ever heard was the Focus Audio FS 688 . It will set you back about $2K ... but what a sound.

Regards, Rich

Quite entertaining "spirited" thread reading!

My first "Road Whore" mini system was a set of baby Kef 101's, Musical Fidelity's 30wpc flat "power-plate" class-A integrated (model ?), and several "portable" CD players back in the early 80s. All kinds of mini-systems since then, and even a recent Simaudio I-5 teamed up with Blueroom's Minipods and sub. Not so bad, but the speakers aren't in the same league as what's being recommended. Wanted to put a fun looking HT system in the bedroom, so the I-5 was sold, and now lost interest in multi-chnl.

I saw the Consonance C-1 up for sale, read a few reviews, and figured it to be an adequate inexpensive amp to be teamed with "descent" sounding monitors. There are just too many options out there, and I lack the energy (these days) to investigate the endless combinations of electronics and speakers. For THIS application, there are literally dozens of highly acclaimed/touted products to choose from without having to audition each and every one. If a certain touted speaker has countless acclaims, then it's up to ME to position them correctly (IMO). I'm no "newby" to HiFi, and have been tinkering for over 35 years. I agree with several of your opinions pertaining to sealed and ported enclosure placement in smallish rooms. Since bedroom listening seems to end up with heads leaning against rear walls and headboards, reflections and standing waves drastically affect the received tonal pitch, even while maintaining ear level.

I'll head down into Chicago over the weekend, and should find several of the recommended speakers to audition.
It's all subjective, but I'll mention any models that put a smile on my mug.


Nobody mentioned the Green Mountian Audio Europa's? I personally haven't heard a speaker at $995 come close to these offerings from GMA. They take forever to break in, but once they do.....pure magic. Built like tanks too...55 lbs each.