Best monitor to mate with a McIntosh MC252 amp?

I need some expertise and experience please! I have completed my Mcintosh system (MC252 amp, DVD851, and MHT100 for preamp and surround processor) and need a worthy bookshelf speaker (front ported or sealed) to maximize dimensionality (tough when they are on a bookshelf) and resolution. I am currently using some Proac Tablettes but they sound small and rolled off when compared to my reference 3A di capo's in my two channel room.

Any experience out there with synergistic matches from say Harbeth, ATC, Dynaudio, Joseph Audio, or B&W 705's??? Thanks!
there is no monitor it can't drive so just pick one that you enjoy listening to.
I saw Green Mountain Audio monitors in a issue of Hi-Fi choice, in the beautiful systems with Mc gear. I bet that combo works great.
I highly recommend the JM Lab Electra 906. If you can afford higher priced ones, look at the 907 Be. McIntosh and JM Lab are extremely synergistic IMO and the sound will be much more open and dynamic compared to Tablettes.

Well, I went against my own advice in selecting a loudspeaker and I bought a pair of ATC SCm12 Loudspeakers without hearing them and based only on reviews and the fact that the sealed box and dimensions work for my room.

I will let everybody know how they sound , thanks for the help.