Best monitor speakers:

I'm looking for a pair of monitor speakers and curious as to whether anyone has heard any of the JM Labs mini utopia or Wilson Benesch Arc, or both and can provide some inputs. I like the Arc due to space constraints so any monitors that require 3-4 feet away from rear wall is out of the question.
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why not work out on Sonus Faber? Cremona Auditor or Electa Amator II are great monitors.
Talon Audio Khites are front ported and easy to set-up. Give them a listen, they are way under rated.

I'm on the same hunt my current favorites are the B&W 805 signature and the Dynaudio 1.4s. I've also listened to the joseph audio rm7si these are very nice as well.
avalon pro monitors (only recently available to the "public") make all other suggestions irrelevant.

i have to throw in my 2 cents...about two months ago i bought a pair of used Usher X-719 speakers for $900...the finish is outstanding...they look like Sonus Faber but about three times the weight...gorgeous matching stands too...the speakwe with the stands weights about 80 lbs!!!...excellent drivers, but a very sucky wonder why they bother with such a finish and drivers if they put a crappy crossover...anyway, i sent my speakers to have a new crossover built in by one of the very good speaker and cable designers...the result?...they sound better than the Mini Utopias!...i never thought that I'll replace my Innersound electrostats with a box speaker, but this pair is as dynamic and holographic with extended soundstage...they sound like floorstanders in the $ no joke...the speakers are available for audition in Central Nj if someone is, my advice?...try and find a used pair and with the crossover modification you'll be below $1500 for the pair but the sound is absolutely fabulous...
Hey Kelly where could one find more information about those avalon monitors? The website doesn't have any "pro" monitor listed, just the old monitor which has been discontinued.