best monitor speakers

have a modest system which includes as ta-n55es amp,cambridge audio c-500 pre,pioneer elite d6 sacd,marantz cdr 615 connected to a muse tda1543X4 dac,and a yaqin tube buffer between amp and pre-amp.what would be a good monitor/bookshelf speaker to match with this system for around $500-$700 or even less,new or used.listen to jazz,r$b,soul.also listen to clapton,eagles,doobies,and such.thanks for any help!
There are no best monitors in the 500-700 range. There are some good ones but if it was me, I'd get a floor standing Triangle Heliade, just like a mini monitor but better. Uncle Kevin has them at 699. (Upscale Audio).
Look into Hoyt Bedford and used Omega monitors. Contact Louis at Omega he will set you up.
These Reynaud speakers are nice:

I do not know the seller I just happened across these earlier today and thought they looked like a nice deal...

Reynaud's have a very musical quality
Look for a used pair of Von Schweikert VR-1's. They sell for about $500 used. The VR-1's are easy to drive and they have a big sound.
friend at work has a pair of ads L520's in nice shape for $50.are they a good choice?
There are best ones for every price range we just don't know'em all.

for $50 you may as well try them

ADS made some nice speakers, I doubt they compete with some of the brands mentioned but these are practically a gift!
Hi John421

How big is your listening space? In a small room I really enjoyed a pair of Tannoy Mercury M1 speakers and then a pair of B&W DM303 bookshelf speakers. Both sets of speakers can be found for under $300 used in good condition. The Tannoys had a sweet and very enjoyable mid-range. I know these are more mainstream speakers than the ones mentioned above but even though I think they bear consideration.

Good luck with the search.
Spicas! TC50 if you would use a sub or TC60 without a sub. CAVEAT - I am selling TC60's but I am sure others would agree on this recommendation. Both are great speakers but unfortunately with my animals, monitors on stands are not a good option as they tend to get a bit "wild" chasing each other around the living room.

If you could get an ATC SCM7 or SCM11 (used), nothing like it. Other good options are Dynaudio Audience 52 and 52SE (used).
thanks for the advice!any other suggestions are welcome!
I second the dynaudio audience suggestion. I had a pair of audience 42 and they sounded good with cheaper type integrated amps as well as better ones. Very easy to listen to and surprising bass for such a small speaker.
someone spoke to me about psb alpha b1's.have seen some good comments on those.any opinions? the human 81....incredible.
the magazines love almost everything PSB fwiw...
In that price range you cant go wrong buying a used pair of Epos ES-12, ES-11, or their newer iterations thereof - Epos M-12?? John
quad 12 L Active IMO best in that price range ymmv
You might consider Silverline Minuet Supreme speakers.
Polk Lsi9's can be had new for around $700.00...4 ohms impedence..The Sony at 150 watts into 4 ohms should be sufficent.
just so many to choose from!to be honest,would really like to have the maggie mmg's.but afraid my sony couldn't bring the best out of them?

the MMG will get better and better as you upgrade equipment, if you would like a pair, you should buy them because they are great speakers (with tons of testimonials here on Agon) and 110 watts the Sony has should be fine.

stop thinking about it and enjoy!
does anyone else agree with,or have an opinion on the mmg's?
well the MMG is NOT a bookshelf or what I would consider a monitor speaker. if you can place them properly they can be very good but they are definitely NOT as flexible on location as a small speaker
i have some era d4 (in your price range new) units that I'm happy with. I thought they were best in that range among what I was able to test out. I suspect that used is your best bet given many of hte suggestions above.
I second the Hoyt-Bedford Type 1's made by Omega Speaker Systems. They are 97dB and they look and sound like they cost WAY more than the incredibly low price of $795..