BEST monitor speaker with a 90db senitivity rating

What would you consider the BEST sounding monitor speaker
with a senitivity rating of at least 90db?
Check out what the Pros use.

"Monitors" are used professionally for mixing/mastering music. If you want the BEST for "monitoring" then I suggest you look in pro studio/recording magazines or check out pro studio websites to see their equipment lists.

For example see this link

Most high end studio Monitors have efficiencies around 90 db because of the SPL levels required in studio applications.
I agree with the suggestion of the DeCapos. I have been driving mine with a KR Enterprise BSI 18 amp, 15 wpc, and the sound is exceptionally good. The DeCapos do take a little care to set up correctly and match to a good amp but, in my experience, they are the best monitor speaker at anywhere near their price. And they are very easy to drive.
Not officially 90dB (89 instead), the JM Reynaud Offrande is awesome, and with at least my version, they can be driven great with very little power due to a very flat impedance curve. I am currently driving mine with Wyetech Lab Onyx monos with their huge 13 watts of power, and have never encountered any problems. Also have had some friend's ASL Wave-8's powering them for a short time and although the amps sucked they never clipped or seemed short on power.

Bass hits down into the low 30's, however they don't have a big 100hz bass hump so alot of listeners feel they lack in this department. Me I can't stand speakers with that boost, so they fit me perfectly.

Very musical and emotional sound. Tone is top notch on them. Looks are outstanding, as is build quality.

And best of all at their going used price (if you want to go that route) they are a steal.
I have been really enjoying a pair of Triangle Comete ES at 91 dB sensitive and although I haven't seen their impedance curve, my CJ MV55 is really happy with them (can't say that about my JM Lab Electra 926s). I bet I could successfully get by with much less power. Their resolution and speed is truly remarkable. Arthur