Best Monitor Speaker?

I am putting together a new secondary system for my dining room, based around a new NAD C352 integrated amp (80 wpc) and a Rotel RCD-1072 CD player. I would appreciate some recommendations for a set of monitor speakers that would work with this system, with a ceiling price limit of about $800 (used). This system will be almost exclusively used for jazz, jazz big band, jazz standard and small ensemble classical music.

Thank you in for any feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


Main System:
ARC LS3 Preamp
Bryston 4B-ST Amp
Naim CDX
Revel F-30 Speakers
Kimber Monocle XL Speaker Cables
Kimber Select 1011 Interconnects
Obviously, a zillion choices...

My vote: Energy RC-10.

Read the SoundStage review then check out closeout sale at Audio Advisor (no relation).

No-brainer in my book; Good luck.

Due to an error in the Audio Advisor pull down menu you can get a pair of the Energy RC-10 in Rosenut (which is a very nice looking finish) for $333.33 a pair. If you buy them in Black or Cherry it's $599.00 a pair.

What's funny here, is when click on the pull down for the Energy RC-10 Rosenut speakers it brings you to page where in the upper right hand corner the following is stated.

"Special Pricing - Buy 1 for $333.33 each"

But when you look under the option column, it clearly states.

"Pair - Rosenut $333.33"

I contacted Audio Advisor last week and asked them which one was the real price and I was told that it was the price under the option column which is $333.33 a pair in Rosenut. Btw, I just checked the Audio Advisor site just before posting this, and they still haven't corrected the ad.

At $600 these speakers can easily hold their own with any monitors under a $1000. At $333.33 a pair there is absolutely no competition.

As Soulbrass mentioned, read the Soundstage review, as the reviewer was pretty accurate in his review of these speakers.
Try to get your hands on a used Chario Constellation Lynx or even Delphinus. I had the small floorstander Cygnus for exactly the kind of music you describe (with the exception of big band, I admit).
Good luck
Energy make great value products often sounding well above their price point peers. I second the above RC-10 suggestion.

If you look very carefully you might find a pair of old B&W N805 for just under $1000...
totem rainmaker or totem model 1
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There is a pair of Silverline SR-15 for sale on the GON right now for 800.00 and no shipping. 1800.00 when new. I don't know the seller but have heard these speakers and liked them very much. Lots of choices in your price range
Thank you very much for your kind responses!
Spendor SP-1. One is listed for $825. Current version is $4500 and they are not that different (I have both). One of the best speakers ever made, I have Apogee Duetta sig, and Spendor S-100 in boxes right and feel no need to set them up.