Best monitor: Raidho vs Gamut vs Magico....?

I have been listening to all kind of speakers in the past 25 year or so and it seems that I prefer monitors above floorstanders...matter of taste (speed & clarity) I think.

But when it comes to monitors I have heard many high-end systems like the Q1's from Magico, The Duke-2's from Marten and the Raidho C1.1's. But I didn't hear the new Roksan Darius and the RS3 from Gamut yet.

Who has heard all and what do you prefer and why? Do I miss any top contenders in this line-up?

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I have not had the pleasure of hearing these monitors but I would strongly suggest you track down the new KEF Reference 1 and audition. It is the best monitor I have heard to date. Lead time is long-I ordered in Novemeber and still waiting but should be getting close now.

It has the best imaging I have ever heard. I mean spooky like imaging. I was auditioning four different speakers at the same time and the KEF got me out my chair and boogie a bit (-: (thank gosh I was alone in the room as it was not pretty) (-: Incredible clarity and musicaql details extracted.

I strongly sugggest an audition for anyone looking at a higher end monitor including those spending much more than the asking price of the KEF Reference 1.