Best Monitor not over 1K, new ot used

I've always used flootstanders, had a pr of PSB Alphas once in bedroom, about it.
In my old age I've moved to a condo where Monitors will work. A friend just moved and left me a pr of lead shot filled English Target Stands, if I get over the hernia and don't die from lead poisoning, I'd like to try a nice little monitor for my classical and jazz obcession.Also left me a neat little Totem sub.
i remember hearing a pr of Silverline Minuets I thought were lights out, any more sugestion?
Give the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 a listen and see what you think. They have excellent reviews and generally get snapped up quickly when they're posted for sale online. You can get a discount on open box and/or return merchandise complete with full warranty. Thirty-day review/return period.
There's a pair of KEF LS50s for sale right now that is fantastic. It's KEFs flagship statement speaker to celebrate 50 years. It's over 1k, but just barely. If you stretch to it, you'll be very glad you did.
A pair of Proac Response 2 sold recently on ebay for under $1,000. I own this speaker and have for a long time. I would recommend you look for a pair on the used market. There are reviews available on line.
Totem Model1
Haha every guy is probably going to say something different. I think unless you are shopping for an amp as well then the amp you are using is going to drastically narrow down your speaker choices. Getting the synergy right between the speaker and amp is going to be the most important thing you can do.
I agree with the above poster - the system has to be balanced in quality.

I am listening to Paradigm Studio and enjoying it - you could go with the model 20 - you can pick them up for >$500 used here or ebay.

That would leave you with enough $ for the rest of the system. Post for suggestions on them if you want to go with this rout...
I agree with Jaxwired. If you can stretch your budget go for the Kef LS50. A very impressive sound and build. Get the Totem sub matched properly and I think you will be very pleased.

If you liked the PSB sound in your system, why not look at the PSB Synchrony bookshelf models.
Lowrider, Synchrony are way over my price limit.
My bad... $1500 not $1000 new.
X2... x3... x4...

Yes... properly set up with budget equipment... you won't match their sound for less than 10-20X their price!
Stiff Breeze from Vapor Sound's worth twice that easily
Nyaudio98, the Stiff Breeze starts at $1895 and the Breeze starts at $1395.
It's Vapor Audio not Vapor Sound. I do love my Breeze speakers!!
Kef LS50.
Which Pre/Amp are you using? When I was shopping for speakers, I had a tough time because my listening tastes vary widely. I listen to everything from Diana Krall to Judas Priest. I'm also working with around a 14" height limitation, so I shopped a few different models of small speakers.

Just as food for system consists of a Nad pre and Aragon 2004 amp. What I had good luck with were....

B&W 685, System Audio SA-505, Peachtree D5, Paradigm Studio 40, Paradigm Studio 10. I'm running the Studio 10's now. The were a good compromise between size and performance. At 12" tall, I actually have them sitting in an entertainment center and usually don't run my sub with them. They may not be the best at anything, but they do everything that I've thrown at them well; from jazz at civilized levels to hard rock at very uncivilized levels.
Spendor 3/5's is what you are looking for! They go for about $700 used.
You really must listen to a pair of GoldenEar Aons before you buy. Depending on room size you could go with the larger Aon3s for $1K/pair or the Aon2s for $800/pair. I heard the Aon3s just this past February at a high end open house, and they impressed the hell out of me. That's saying something given that I'd just heard a demo of the new Wilson Alexia. The Aons have the dynamics, sensitivity, and bass extension of a small floor stander (real bass into the 30s), but the clarity and imaging of a standmount (which they are). They also have a very sophisticated folded ribbon tweeter with response out to around 40Khz, and the air and transparency that go with it. Unlike most piston tweeters, however, these ribbons give you treble with all the detail and air with none of the overshoot, ringing, or harshness we often hear with it.

There are many rave reviews out there about these speakers. I can't get them out of my mind. They have the inert cabinets, the speed, clarity, and transparency of much more expensive minimonitors, while also having greater sensitivity and bass extension than is typical of the genre. Easy to find locally, too.
At that price, check out the very refined Quad 9Ls or 12Ls (both powered). I own both.
looking for more suggestions...
Review Excerpt:

I don't have to tell you I loved these ProAcs. As thrilled as I was with what they could do, I was even more impressed by what they did not. As antithetical to the whole hi-fi–nut syndrome as any I've heard, the ProAc Response Two is a stunning product that delivers a quality of sound most audiophile speakers only hint at. If, like me, you're sick of playing the "hot speaker of the month" game and just want to ENJOY YOUR MUSIC, leave the audionuts to their speaker-angst and audition the Response Twos. At almost $4000 with stands, are they expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Without a doubt.

Available for about $1,000 used.
More suggestions: ACI Sapphire XL. When new, easily competitive with two or three times their price.
Considering your taste in music, you might consider looking into the System Audio line. I found them to be outstanding for classical and jazz.

The line is kind of hard to find in the states, but if interested, give Wilson Audio a call in Metairie, Louisiana. He has/had some SA-510s that he was selling for around $800 a pair. They sounded wonderful, but I had to pass on them because they were too tall (by two inches).

I have a pair of the SA-505s and they were great with jazz and vocals. I'm only selling them because they don't do rock well.
Jperry, where have seen the ProAcResponse 2 for 1k? An impressive speaker indeed. Even if I had one, if you get pick one up for a grand,  hell get another. 
Another vote for Ascend Sierra-1s.
Focal Aria 905 or 906.
Since youve asked more than once about opinions mine is your money and up the budget..Lots of speakers available under a grand but very few Id buy
Run, do not walk, to and buy a pair of D5's.   They were $999, discontinued now at $599.   

The single best buy in a monitor on the market today. 

They blow the silverlines away, I've owned both (and a boatload of other monitors as well).  

Gorgeous speakers and amazing sound.   And nothing comes near them for $599.    
Reference 3A DeCapo belongs in this conversation. Also, Totem has a number of models including the Model 1 mentioned above (some are slim floorstanders that will occupy no more space than monitors on stands) that also are terrific in their price range. Cheers,
While I have not listened to them, it sounds like the new Elac monitors are giving a lot of competitors in the 1k. range a run for their money. All for half that price!
"joejoe02-07-2016 5:29pmJperry, where have seen the ProAcResponse 2 for 1k? An impressive speaker indeed. Even if I had one, if you get pick one up for a grand,  hell get another."

Prices rise and fall. That was back in 2013. None for sale at that price currently.
+1 on the Peachtree D5 monitors.  Awesome sound, very good bass, high build quality, and the D5 in Cherry is exceptionally nice looking imo.  At $599, these are a sweet deal.
Older B&W 705 or 805.
PSB Platinum M2,  fantastic speaker.....I wish I never sold mine .
Paradigm Signature "S" series.