Best monitor for under $1500?

Need some advice from all of you. I have just built a project studio in my basement and I am in the market for some really accurate studio monitors. I have up to $1500 to spend, prefer to buy used = more value for the money. How about some recommendations. I already have a pair of small nearfields, and I am looking for something that can give me accurate bass down to at least 35hz. I know a guy who would sell me a pair of Cello Legends for approx. $1900, but that's just a little out of my price range. He also has some PMC FB1+ for $1500, but I'd prefer speakers I can mount on the wall. Thanks in advance.
In my opinion a good monitoring speaker has a fairly narrow and uniform radiation pattern along with a flat on-axis and off-axis frequency response (the latter being implied by the uniform radiation pattern).

The SP Technology Timepiece comes to mind, though I doubt it shows up very often on the used market.

I don't know if there is such as thing as 'best monitor' but I am very happy with my Reference 3A DeCapo-i's. Now, whether you could find a pair for $1500 or less is another matter.
Go for a pair of powered Genelec's. Later you can ad a sub woofer to fill in the bottom end (to 20Hz). They are a bit out of your price range but you would save money on a power amp.

This Chris agrees with that Chris.

Besides Genelec, Tannoy also makes some nice self powered gear - had them in a video bay I built. Some of this semipro/pro gear is balanced which is nice. Note that both the Genelecs and Tannoys are heavy and will require AC up the wall as well as the signal.

As a completely different - but totally classic 'old school' approach, you might think about looking for a pair of JBL4311/4312s (also look on ebay). This is a 3way with a 12" woofer and the thingsare dead accurate, get loud and generally kick ass. Since they defined the category they meet Audiokinesis spec.

A pair of 4312s just went for $550 ask here on Agon. Leaves some room for better mounting brackets, amp, big cable etc. There are bigger speakers (15") in the line but unless you have a really big room you don't need them.

The other classic choice in the studios I have worked in are Tannoys. Right at the top of your range on Agon today is an awesome looking pair of Tannoy Monitor Gold 12"s that seem to have been tweaked to perfection. As a useless generalization the sound is a bit smoother then a JBL. Very musical and deadly accurate as well.

Being in LA most of the other rooms I worked in here have big setups from places like Westlake Audio which will bust your budget into little tiny pieces - and are probably too big for your needs anyhow.

Don't forget to put some panels on the back wall.
Hi - did some surfing around because I was curious about 4311s - some kind of flashback - and came across the following article which I thought was well written and maybe even relevant and helpful to your efforts

BTW he hates 4311s and I am OK with that
Thanks for the link, Chris. Very interesting indeed.
Try the Morel 8" two way at
The GMA Europa is pretty dang good in my opinion for $995.00/pair. It's good enough for Joe Ferla, longtime Sony recording engineer also.
Thanks for all your inputs. I ended up buying a used pair of Cello Legends for $1900 plus shipping. From everything I've read, they are some really descent speakers. Can't wait to get them.