best monitor for tubes?

The contenders are Reference DeCapo, Tyler tylos, and anything else you 'Goners with far more knowledge and experience can provide. I have a tube source and tubed integrated, but am open to experimentation (aren't we all!). Bass extension preferred, too, but I know I can't have it all. Thanks!
Proac 1sc's!
second the proacs. i have just bought a pair of response 2S and i cant wait to try tubes.

ProAcs love tubes. No question. There is a new speaker line from Finland coming to the US soon called Penaudio -- definite tube speaker also. Also listen to Legend and Silverline. The list is much longer, but these are my picks.
My first really expensive hifi purchase, 10 years ago, was a Lectron JH-30 tube integrated amp and ProAc Response 2's. Since then I've spent 10's and 10's of thousands of dollars trying all sorts of tubes, solid state, and speaker after speaker: Meridian, Audio Physic, QUAD, Audiostatic, Red Rose, JMlab, Revel, my current Wilson's (which are for sale). The irony is that in my new apartment I will be back to where I started: JH-30 and a pair of ProAc 1SC's. They really make a great sound. For bass, add a REL Storm subwoofer.
I have enjoyed Platinum Solo's with wonderful bass extension driven by 35 tube watts per channel for near field listening. These are $700-800 used on Audiogon, very much a bargain. Rear ported so need at least 2 feet from wall behind speaker. Those who favor transistors prefer multi-hundred watts per channel to fill a larger room with this same speaker in its non-monitor "take no prisoners" Superman mode.
Hi Seth, The Lectron JH-30 brings back some great memories. At that time I thought it was one of the finest amps i ever heard. IMO, the Proac 1SC is the best speaker in their line. your comments are no surprise to me. Can't imagine, considering the title of this thread, you can do much better. Never heard them together but got a feeling you have a magical combination. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of the Lectron JH-30. Sounds like a killer setup
I would look into Living Voice. No, they aren't monitors, but would take up as much as space as any monitor with stands! Eccept, if you plan to place them on the bookshelfs. Plus, you wouldn't really need a SUBwoofer.
Reference 3A MM De Capo. I heard these speakers at the Stereophile show on Antique sound singled ended tube amps. The De Capo sounded very articulate and the bass was very good.
If you like the DECAPOS buy them,I did and Haven't looked back.See my system here at a-gon.
Wilson Benesch Arc's - best bass on tubes you'll ever hear in a two way monitor, guaranteed.
Thanks everyone for your input. I am leaning towards the 1sc after further research. I will post an update at an appropriate time.
How much power does your amp have?
The JM Labs micro Utopias are as good as it gets with tubes!
Omega loudspeakers...single driver design...high efficiency...available direct from manufacturer...