Best monitor for bookcase ?

I want to put a nice wall bookcase unit where my floorstaders are without losing good sound . Please advise within $3,000 range.
You can't do this. Spending $3000 on a speaker that you're going to put in a bookshelf is completely insane.
Look here:
Try Allison; they make a speaker designed to sit on a bookshelf.
ATC SCM12, will do very nicely, just make sure the shelf is tight or weighted down.
ACI has custom versions of a number of their speaker where the crossover is tweaked to compensate for the baffle effect of being in a bookshelf.
I'm using a pair of Harbeth HL-P3ES-2 monitor speakers in a similar situation. Although they are not inside a bookcase, they are sitting on the top shelf of a bookcase against wall corners. They are a sealed design and, I believe, are even marketed to some degree as 'bookshelf' speakers. Great sounding little speakers with a devoted (and well justified IMHO) following.
allison fours list of $2450.00, used AR-M1
I heard a pair of Induction Dynamics bookshelf speakers crammed right back against the wall, with books packed in all around them. And they still sounded incredible! For whatever reason, these speakers don't seem to mind having walls/books in close proximity.
B&W makes a wall mounted speaker, similar to the 805s.
I've seen it in the Signature finish but have not had a listen.
Look here:
Thanks to all of you for the comments . It just doesn't seem practical to have to have a dedicated sound room for thousands of us . I know not to choose a rear ported monitor .
Snell makes a number of models that are designed for bookcase use. These are used in the whitehouse for this purpose.
Taylo ref monitors are front ported and work great in my den system.
And Spendor offers a wall mount version of the 3/5 speaker. Sounds pretty good but relatively inefficient.
Add KRK Systems to your list,they have active and passive and sound very good...Bob
Allison Four or Allison CD-6. If you find a pair of either of these classic systems...grab 'em! Nothing else can beat 'em at any price!
Better 7 1/2 years late than never :)
Polk Audio LSIM 703 monitors are AMAZING !! I listened to a pair of these today and I was just blown away with any kind of music that was playing and I was shocked when I seen that they had these speakers hooked up to a cheap av Receiver and a cheap blu-ray player !....

To my ears, these speakers are one of the biggest bargains in all of audio... of all time !!...

Sonus Faber Toy Speaker (monitors) - they deserve to be on the audition list. They are small, inexpensive, and beautiful sounding. I am listening to a pair right now and they do a great job of pulling me away from typing to listening. They are in a small room (about 8.5' x 10.5') which helps. The speakers are rear ported and proximity to the rear wall helps in their case.

They are driven by a 30wpc tube amp, fyi.
If the book case is fairly deep, I'd recommend the Daber Audio Monitor 2's.

The word AMAZING comes to mind. I had been warming them up for a couple of days, just pushing low volume current through them 24/7,getting them a little broken in and getting my new Rega stuff all good and warm (Rega Brio R and Rega Apollo R)

First cut: Adele's "Rolling in the the Deep". Soundstage was first thing i noticed, how the background vox were layered behind her lead Incredible!!!

Then the bass presence: obviously not thunderous but on that particular cut the depth and resonance is there while still being ultra-tight; palpable and fantastic. Hard to believe that kind of bass can come out of a monitor so small!

I've now changed to a small EL34 tube amp and they are even better. Amazing little speaker, and I see myself having them for life.

I believe this speaker is a world beater. They're obviously not for rockers, but they are precise, realistic beyond words, and incredibly articulate. I know of no speaker under $1k that can touch the Monitor 2, and very few under $2k. WOW WOW WOW!!!!"
Isn't it ironic that one of the last places you'd want to put a "bookshelf" speaker is on a bookshelf?