Best monitor against wall

I have heard so many conflicting reports about this. Is there a monitor or narrow/smallish full range speaker of exceptional quality and sound that does not mind or even prefers to be very close to the wall behind it?
Linn and Naim speakers like the wall.
i've been auditioning speakers like the de capo's, opera callas, sonus faber's, devore's etc. there seem to be many non ported or front ported speakers but none, i've heard so far, that are truly remarkable monitors.
You may want to check out Carolina Audio and Audio Note speakers. I haven't heard these yet...I've read they both work well near walls.

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These are floorstanders by Mission[765 model]2-way,and are exceptional,also KRK systems have some nice ones that work well next to the wall.I also second the above post regarding LInn and Naim...good luck,bob
The Tyler Reference Monitors are front ported and sound great in our den wall unit. Even on a shelf, they image and sound great. For more information visit
Don't forget the ATC SCM10s.
I'm also interested because I have one workable location, On a 7X10 shelf mounted to a wall. I've auditioned RBH MC-6C, Meadowlark Swallow, System Audio SA-205 and am considering NSM, Von Schwiekert VR-1, Soliloquy SAT-5, Ageis AE-1, Sonus Faber Concertino. The main problem is that I'm rural and don't live within a few hundred miles of any major city so auditions are difficult. I have a Linn LP12 and Parasound separates.
the gradient intro...allison four
If (non-thin) full-range sound from a petite speaker is the goal, I have to second the Carolina Audio recomendation- really must be heard to be believed. The Konus Essense is a similar (but more expensive) design that has been well reviewed. They are less picky about electronics or placement than any speaker I have owned.

Spendor S3/5s also sound pretty robust for their size. Totem speakers might also work.

They have two monitor type models designed to be placed close to a wall. Link through to Okara II.
Soliloquy Sat-5's are meant to be against a wall. Use a pair of them with a nice sub and WOW!
Soliloquy 5.0s might do the trick for you. Also Linn Katans are great but extension to only 75hz when used as passive monitors.
I have the Soliloquy 5.0s and as they are rear ported, I think that you would want a minimum of 1-2 feet of space behind them (Of course I only have 1 foot and am probably giving something in basss response). Any one have any success with these close to the wall?