Best modern tonearm for AR ES-1

Any recommendations? I tend to gravitate toward high output MC carts, if that helps. Keep in mind that the ES-1 is not really a "high end" table, so I'd like to keep the price on the arm to below $1000. I've been using an old Premiere MMT, but always felt it was a little lacking in clarity, low end control, and tracking ability.
Hi Tonyptony, I used to have a ES-1 w/ MMT and felt about the same thing. I later switched to a Linn Basik LVX, which had better resolution and bass. It was a lighter arm and mated with the ES-1s suspension better, even with aluminum arm board. I would think that a Rega would also be a great match. Thanks. Alan
I've mounted the Rega RB300 to a modded AR-XA with excellent results (actually displaced by Audiomeca for a while), no reason this won't work on yor own AR. Regas really shine with MCs.
Thanks to you both for the suggestions. I've also seen recommendations for modded Regas, like an Origin Live modded RB250. Supposed to be better than a stock RB300.
I second Jalanc. The Basik LVX is a fine match.
I use a Rega 300 with mine. Excellent results.

Good Luck !