Best "Modern/Contemporary" styled gear

With modern and retro interiors being popular...what do you
feel is some of the best of modern stlyed/retro or current hi-fi products...
ie: Grundig, B&O and some of the better KLH...etc gear..any
I love the look of the Sonus Faber Extremas and the Classe equipment. Very modern yet refined.
pathos makes some of the most beautiful modern electronics in the world. other manufacturers in this class include burmester and gryphon. on the top of the "retro" side, i'd put the kuzma xl turntable. it reminds me of an art deco sculpture. BTW, it sounds as fabulous as it looks. another company whose products would fit into either moderne or retro catagories is particular; they make unique audio/video racks and stands.
Gallo Reference speakers (in stainless steel) on the Barcelona stands which I would love to own someday for their modern sculpture aspect as well as their sound. I just purchased an Audion amp that has a very classic clean and simple appearance to it without looking industrial. My Musical Fidelity X series amp always gets a lot of looks due to it's 50's space age rounded cabinet (it's too bad that I did not like the sound of the X-Ray CD player or I would have put together a set of the X gear). There is also a turntable by Micro Seiki(spelling?) that I find attractive, it reminds me of a 3D chess board in concept. And last but not least the 47 Lab stuff for both looks and miniaturization. I am not really a "wood" person as you can tell by my choices.
Never owned any of these, but Jeff Rowland equipment is as beautiful inside as many product are outside. Also agree with Cornfed about the Gryphon amps. Only other piece that comes to mind is the Rockport Cirrus turntable. It is the most beautiful turntable made in my opinion.

Speakers: Audio Physic Virgo.

CD Player : Sony SACD.

Amps/Pre : Rowland and EAR.
Also like Audio Research's timeless look. Ever notice how dated some equipment looks in 5-10 y/o stereophile issues ?