Best moderately priced tube amp stands?

Does anyone have an opinion on the best moderately priced amp stands for tube amps? I'm looking to get them off the floor. I don't think vibaration is a problem, they're on hardwood over a concrete slab, but I'd like to raise them off the floor just so they're "off the floor."


Without a doubt the best tube amp stand is the Sistrum SP-101's. This stand raised the performance of my system to a new level. I am a believer! is the website.
I've heard some pretty good reports about sound anchor amp stands, although I've built my own amp stands.
Adona Corp.

Good products and fair prices.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I think what I'll end up doing, as I'm pretty particular about the size, is having some 2" clear acrylic cut and place some black daimond racing cones under them.
The VTI product from looked excellent, but it only comes in a 20 x 23" size, and I really don't want a stand that's that much bigger than my 16 x 11" amps.

Look for an ad here on Audiogon for Ultrasonic stands. Contact Tate and he can cut you a nice piece of acrylic at a great price. He may also have a demo stand available that meets your needs. Great guy to deal with.
Thanks Clio.
I searched for Ultrasonic stands and Tate and found neither. I guess it's off to Tap Plastics. Two inch clear is $110 a piece for an 12 x 16" size.


Try this URL. His username is tateb.

Your price seems okay, he may be able to do better, but then again it depends on what he has in stock versus if he has to order more stock. If I recall I paid $125 for a 20" x 24" piece.
Nice looking stuff. I did just purchase two 16 x 12 pieces from Tap. 2" thick clear. The problem was the price to polish the edges. $10. each was quoted to me on the phone. The price was 4 times that when I got there. Still, they should look good sitting under my amps when they're done.

Heavystarch, I didn't see any pricing listed on the website.
I actually have my 2" clear acrylic stand in place, and they look great, and I'd welcome more ideas.
check out . Noel does great work at great prices.