Best moderately priced speakers for classical music

I mostly listen to classical music and some jazz.  The violin is my favorite instrument and I am looking for speakers that make this particular instrument sound the closest to the real thing.  When I say moderately priced, I mean speakers that I might find used for less than $5,000.  I have a Lyngdorf TDAI-2200 integrated and Lynn Unidisk SC player.  I'm probably not going to change anything but my speakers (Tyler Decade D20).  I like the speakers I have, but my room is rather small and the huge Tylers are a bit much for certain recordings and genres. I look forward to your suggestions.  Thanks
For orchestral, opera or any complex music I strongly agree with the recommendations for Shahinian, Larsen or Ohm.  The Larsens can be (must be) placed directly against the wall, the others will vary based on your room.  Only radiating, omnidirectional speakers can even try to resemble a concert hall venue.  All can be purchased new for under $5K (lower models) and all are often available on the used market.

In a small room I would look at the Shahinian Elf and the Larsen 4 or 6.  I have never tested an Ohm speaker so I won't recommend a specific model but I have heard them several times and they sounded very good.

Just FWIW dept.: speaker don't care what music you play through them. The qualities that make for a speaker that plays classical well are exactly the same qualities that make it good for rock or folk music as well. The idea that a speaker is somehow particularly suited for a certain genre of music is entirely mythological, and likely the most predominant myth in audio.
Klipsch Heresy IIIs with a couple of subs are in your price range...put good amps in front of them and let the fun begin. Atmasphere is absolutely correct about good speakers not caring what they're playing, except my Heresy IIIs can't play certain mumblecore or shoe gaze stuff because, hey, I won't let them (so I guess it's just me).
Ohm walsh. New or used.  If used they can be repaired or upgraded.  

Good speakers for anyone that likes that live big sound.  
My Spendor D7s make classical music sound amazing!  They are so fast and dynamic with near HE speaker attributes.   I was listening to Mahler's 9th last night and was blown away!