Best moderate - small sub for Soliloquy 5.3s

I love my 5.3s (incredible mid-trebble and soundstaging) but am looking for a little more in the low end. This is for two channel listening only.

I may outright upgrade to 6.3s (or another speaker) but am also considering a sub. I'm looking for something not too large nor too expensive.

I'm currently running a YBA Integre (Delta), Analysis Plus Oval 9 shotgun cable, Cary 303/200 CDP, and Signal Cable interconnect (waiting on my PSS Quartets to arrive).
Hmmmm....I found the Integre to have a very good bottom end by itself.
Have you tried other speaker cables??

What price range is "not too expensive" and what do you consider small??

The REL Strata III is a nice smallish sub for a little over a $1000 brand new for a black one. Wood veneers are more. REL subs generally are excellent accross the board.

The REL Quake is the smallest and cheapest (10 X 12 X 11).
It is called the Q108E in the USA.
List MSRP price is $750. Still very good.

The website is..
More info from the USA importer at..
These are very well thought of Two of them would give you great bang for low bucks. While I have not used a Rava sub myself..I have read nothing but good things about this company and their products.

Vandersteen 2W.Used about 550.00.You will not regret it.
Velodyne DD-10 is well worth considering. The Digital Drive series of subs far outshine their other offerings.

What about Soliloquy's sub?