Best MM phono pre under $500 new or used

I'm kicking off a slow start shootout between several of the cheaper but well regarded phono preamps.

Right now I'm really enjoying a Phonomena, but since this is the only phono pre that I have in the house (with the exception of the MMF Phono Pack) I haven't been able to compare it to it's common enemies in the same or similar price range.

I have a Gram Slee Amp 2 SE on the way (new chassis I'm told), and I'm eagerly awaiting the New ASL tube Phono section that is set to hit the shelves later this summer.

Other possibilities are Clearaudio, Lehmann, Musical Fidelity...

I first must say that I'm using a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S Wood cart on a Michell Tecnodec via a RB 250 with Michell weight.

Rogue Tempest tubed integrated and JMR Trente speakers.

THe system doesn't "need" a tubed phono pre, and I don't want a "tubey" sounding (rolled-off on either end) pre, but if the ASL, which seems to have its fans and not-so fans here is the truth, then let me know.

I want depth, width, honest imaging and detail, detail detail, but only if it is unetched and naturally liquid.

I welcome any and all suggestions.

I'll be interested in the results of your shootout.
Don't forget Dynavector P-75 list price $595.
Holy Poop!

I just got word that my new Graham Slee Amp 2 SE (new metal housing, pretty slick looking) is shipping today- However Yesterday I was the 5th person to see a Slee Era Gold MK5 for $425- here on the 'goN, and I got it.

Assuming the Era Gold arrives OK, I guess I'll just sling the Amp 2 SE unused. Oh well, I guess someone will get one without the month wait...

Can't wait to report on the Era Gold.
Analog has me psyched!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I am late for this thread as well. I got a Michell/Trichord Dino directly from Trichord several years back (for around $400 with a strong dollar). Might have been a good fit to your Tecnodec table for system synergy. It's a good combination with my Tecnodec/RB300/Kontrapunkt A and it used to work great with my old Planar3/Denon DL103 as well. Certainly a good stage for MC cartridges.