Best Midrange for DIY speakers

I am looking to bulid my own speakers...can you fellas recommend a good midrange and where to purchase them?
I like the Scan-speak 18W/8545K. Look for them at: WWW.MADISOUND.COM
I used a focal kevlar unit for mine 5K013 ( or something along those lines, not made anymore). I am still impressed by them. I spent the most money on the midrage cause that is important to me and arguably where the most acoustic "information" is. Although I haven't used it, I suspect the SEAS Excel series with the magnesium cones are good choices too. I have heard them in the Jamo Concert 11 (I think). Only thing with those may be crossover, I think they have a little resonance at higher frequencies. Good Luck
I agree on the Focal. I have two pair with Focal drivers. Check out for some good ideas for DIY speakers.
I recommend drivers from Cabasse(impressive), Dynaudio, Focal, and Morel. I think, depending on the situation, these are all excellent. I have more limited experience with ScanSpeak, but many rave over them.
i understand morels are scan-speak clones. another mfr to consider is thiel & partner (no relation to thiel in kentucky), also known as accuton.
Sedond, Morels are clones of many Dynaudio drivers. Not ScanSpeak. From the HUGE voice coil diameters on down. There are sometimes differences in the baskets, etc. They have some type of agreement with Dynaudio to produce the designs. A great buy. Dynaudio design, at much more attractive prices. Didn't know that Thiel & Partner was another name for Accuton. The old name for Accuton was Ceratec, but they got into a lawsuit over it...
trelja, ewe are correct, i mistook scan-epeak for dynaudio. oops. i knew that the morel drivers were clones - supposedly excellent - a great buy as you say. and, as i now understand that dynaudio is no longer gonna sell raw drivers to diy-ers, perhaps the only alternative to someone wanting to build speaks w/dynaudio drivers...
Actually, the Accuton drivers have always been Thiel & Partner. You were 100% correct Sedond. I have the literature, circa 1996 or so. They made tweeters down to drivers capable of 40 or 60 Hz(now I cannot exactly remember - I looked through it last night...). If you are interested in it, let me know, I can pass it along to you. I know you were contemplating these drivers in your new speakers. These are the data sheets for these drivers, a lot of information is contained therein.