Best Midbass woofer for solid 30hz - 2khz

Seas Excel series.
Older Magnesiium model  W18,W22.
New Models Graphene and  maybe, bt not sure the new Nextel Coated paper cone (??)
My guess is the new Flagship Graphene Magnesium has adeeper bass goinfg all the way down to 20hz. But these are pricey vs the older Magnesium cones, as in the Thors. 
Not sure if this Excel magnesium has been or will ever be surpassed. 
What sets this woofer apart from the rest is the clean, near perfect voicing of the upper midbass range. Human voice comes through witha  sur-real  naturalness. 
At least in the Magnesium older model, I suspect the Graphene also displays this perfection in these fq's. maybe even better with the new titanium voice coil added. + larger magnet. Magnet weight .9kg 20-2k hz
@mozartfan...... sorry,  I can't do this anymore, you are a waste of time.  You have no interest in learning.  
Why 30hz to 2khz for mid?  Makes no sense in a 3 way.
Hmm. Surprised you have any interest in anything but an FR. thought you made that really clear in your other post..... where you said FR a thousand times. 
No, as we all know a FR has its limitations.
There is no denying that. Field Coils may over come all the issues, I have no idea. I have to work with what i have.
So lets forget FC’s for the moment.
We already have superior bass in the Thors W18’s these are not the EX,001 only the entry model E001.
Had I swaped out a  E001 for say a  EX001 or a  Graphene, may not have made more than a  ~nuance~
I’m looking for a real modification.
So my research tonight has brought us to
The Real Deal.
That is Seas newest W18 driver, the Nextel 003 which replaces the Nextel 001.
The 003 has a titanium voice coil and a larger magnet.
2x’s the price of the 001, but worth it.
Troels has nothing but the highest praise for the driver.
Thing is, its so new hard to find a dealer.
Found one in the UK, ,,, will conatct madisound tomorrow, I’m sure it will bea special order, so means wait time and ship fees.
I’m in no hurry as i don’t have $800 cash right now, that went in the Thors upgrades.
Glad my time spent researching tonight, about 4 hours, brought me to the W18NX003.
here is what led me to this speaker. Richard Gray mentioned his favorite material for woofers is the humblev ~Paper cone~, I tend to agree, So knowing the Nextel does in fact have a treated paper cone, I made further research into the Nextel.
By mere chance I ran across a article from partsexpress / report in Dec last year on the newest Nextel design,
The W18NX003.
From there I went to Troels page where he has very wonder-ful things to say about its build and performance.

Just waiting on Richard Gray to say 
~not doable, different specs~
in the morning.