Best Midbass woofer for solid 30hz - 2khz

Seas Excel series.
Older Magnesiium model  W18,W22.
New Models Graphene and  maybe, bt not sure the new Nextel Coated paper cone (??)
My guess is the new Flagship Graphene Magnesium has adeeper bass goinfg all the way down to 20hz. But these are pricey vs the older Magnesium cones, as in the Thors. 
Not sure if this Excel magnesium has been or will ever be surpassed. 
What sets this woofer apart from the rest is the clean, near perfect voicing of the upper midbass range. Human voice comes through witha  sur-real  naturalness. 
At least in the Magnesium older model, I suspect the Graphene also displays this perfection in these fq's. maybe even better with the new titanium voice coil added. + larger magnet. Magnet weight .9kg 20-2k hz
Apparently the W18 Graphene is not too bass heavy,
4 per cabinet,, wow, thats  a  $4k upgrade!!!!
Now i know i must at least swap out the bottom W18's for a  W22 Graphene.
“Lets keep in mind, there is hardly any fq's in the 20-30hz range, so its a mute point to go seeking those fq's”... total bs for me.

much of my music hits 20-30hz.  Music such as Clozee, Eskmo, Bumble, Merkaba, Tipper, SpoonBill... need me to continue?

And your blanket statements about the excels not hitting that low is bs as well.  I have 2 7” seasexcel drivers in each speaker, transmission line, and they easily put out 25 hz at loud volumes.

I jumped on someone else for calling you the new Kenjit but I see where they were coming from
@mozartfan...... sorry,  I can't do this anymore, you are a waste of time.  You have no interest in learning.  
Why 30hz to 2khz for mid?  Makes no sense in a 3 way.
Hmm. Surprised you have any interest in anything but an FR. thought you made that really clear in your other post..... where you said FR a thousand times.