Best Midbass woofer for solid 30hz - 2khz

Seas Excel series.
Older Magnesiium model  W18,W22.
New Models Graphene and  maybe, bt not sure the new Nextel Coated paper cone (??)
My guess is the new Flagship Graphene Magnesium has adeeper bass goinfg all the way down to 20hz. But these are pricey vs the older Magnesium cones, as in the Thors. 
Not sure if this Excel magnesium has been or will ever be surpassed. 
What sets this woofer apart from the rest is the clean, near perfect voicing of the upper midbass range. Human voice comes through witha  sur-real  naturalness. 
At least in the Magnesium older model, I suspect the Graphene also displays this perfection in these fq's. maybe even better with the new titanium voice coil added. + larger magnet. Magnet weight .9kg 20-2k hz
We could also sub  title this topic, 
Speaker Shootout Part 2.
Been swaping out FR in my system lately, 
One FR has been shooting down another, and the winner shot down by yet another. 
Same for conventional/traditional xover designs. Speaker A shots down B, B shoots down C, C gets annihilated by D, D gets smackdown by Speaker E. and so on, so forth.
Yet there comes a time for the ~~Last Speakers Standing Circle~~
Seas Excel line stands in this Supreme Winners Circle~~
Not even Feastrex's $80K full range Field Coil is going to out perform Seas in  bass 30-60hz range. Perfection is perfection. 
After the 100hz, now Feastrex and Voxativ stand alone in this winners circle,. These 2 labs, stand supreme. 
No other speakers in the universe will outperform either Voxativ /Feastrex in the 20hz - 20k hz,
But what speaker do stand in this circle are a  few Seas Excel line and no doubt some speakers comming out of Scanspeak's labatories.
If  your speakers do not have these drivers, You have a  loser, which can be easily shot down by any of these 4. 
Pricey, oh yes, but as the old saying goes
~~You get what you pay for~~
Caveat here is Scan and Seas only maintain a position in this winners shootout circle with their bass producing drivers, and perhaps low midrange. 
Now if we are talking the complete 30hz-15khz, 
 ,  Feastrex and Voxativ stand alone

Lets keep in mind, there is hardly any fq's in the 20-30hz range, so its a  mute point  to go seeking those fq's, Once you finda  woofer that does manage the 20-30hz's, then almost guarantee there will be issues in the upper mid bass/lower midrange voicing from the woofer's phase plug, say 500hz-1500hz. 

Here is where the Seas Excel really shines.
You sacrifice the 20-40hz, but you receive stunning resolution on the 50-1500hz's. 
Every speaker is a  compromise,
Perhaps the new Excel Graphene acheives  best of both, but i'm not in a position to afford that driver. 
There are certainly a few that can get you close...  So does size matter? 
6 to 8 inch? Do you need something that rolls off smooth at 2k or is something that needs crossover work ok? 
Also,  there are things that get you into the 30's but flat down to 30 is more difficult to find

7.5" ATC mid/bass unit, would have to be close to the best, a friend managed a pair as "spare part" though his tech service mate.

  • Features:

    • ATC’s Super Linear 195mm midbass driver
    • Super Linear Magnetic System low distortion
    • doped fabric cone
    • 75mm integral soft dome for wide and even midrange dispersion
    • short coil/ long gap voicecoil system
    • flat wire voice coil
    • die-cast aluminum chassis, vented below spider
    • huge 9kg optimised high-energy magnet system
Cheers George