Best mid-range for $3K

Want to make this simple.  My budget is $3K on used market.  I want to find a speaker in my price point with the best mid-range?  Suggestions?
I know ATC is famous for this but cant afford them.

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Oops, the MG3.7 is actually 24" wide, not 18".

Though not a very well known and/or popular/trendy loudspeaker (few dealers and fewer reviews, though there was a rave by Robert Greene in TAS a couple of years back and Harry Weisfeld enthusiastically recommended them to the readers of his VPI Forum), auditioning the Eminent Technology LFT-8b is an excellent idea. ET offers in-home trials, and direct-sales to those without a dealer within 150 miles of the interested consumer.

A pair of magnetic-planar drivers (similar to those of Magnepan, but push-pull rather than single-ended, for more linear operation and lower distortion) cover the 180Hz to 10kHz frequencies, with NO CROSSOVER in that range! A single ribbon tweeter takes over at 10K, and an 8" woofer in a sealed enclosure frequencies from 180Hz down.

True-to-life instrumental and vocal timbre and color, along with almost-ESL transparency. The LFT-8b presents an easy-to-drive, almost-purely resistive 8 ohm load to the power amp, and sounds great with tubes. Two pair of binding posts are provided for bi-amping or just bi-wiring. All for $2499 for a NEW pair, a remarkable value.

If you have a bigger room and want a bigger planar, the Magnepan MG3.7 can occasionally be found for $3000/pair, or the improved 3.7i for about a grand more. The 3.7 is a more difficult load (4ohms nominal) than is the LFT-8b, and benefits from more power. It is also somewhat larger than the LFT-8b, measuring 6’ x 18" to the LFT’s 5’ x 13". Both great loudspeakers, but there is also the smaller/cheaper Magnepan MG1.7i. I like it less than the LFT-8b, but the 1.7i has many happy owners. I would rather own any of these planars to ANY dynamic/box loudspeaker I have ever heard, no matter the cost. And I have heard Vandersteen, Magico, Wilson, Marten, and many others. As they say, ymmv!