Best mid-range for $3K

Want to make this simple.  My budget is $3K on used market.  I want to find a speaker in my price point with the best mid-range?  Suggestions?
I know ATC is famous for this but cant afford them.
Without knowing the rest of your system, it’s a pure “fave” push.

Standmounts or floorstanders ??

SPENDOR, HARBETH, PROAC, REGA, JMR, NEAT, KUDO,TRIANGLE, ROYD (if you can find them) are the first volley shot across the bow
The Harbeth P3ESR are my go to speakers for outstanding mid range. No need to buy used!


Amps I have to play with, pass labs x250, crown studio reference II, Harman kardon citation II, pair of classes DR 8s, and McIntosh MC60s.
Prefer floor standing.
Is the eminent tech LFT-8B worth checking out for great mids
Vandersteen 2Ce Sig. II's.
Klipsch Forte III (used) or Heresy... 

Though not a very well known and/or popular/trendy loudspeaker (few dealers and fewer reviews, though there was a rave by Robert Greene in TAS a couple of years back and Harry Weisfeld enthusiastically recommended them to the readers of his VPI Forum), auditioning the Eminent Technology LFT-8b is an excellent idea. ET offers in-home trials, and direct-sales to those without a dealer within 150 miles of the interested consumer.

A pair of magnetic-planar drivers (similar to those of Magnepan, but push-pull rather than single-ended, for more linear operation and lower distortion) cover the 180Hz to 10kHz frequencies, with NO CROSSOVER in that range! A single ribbon tweeter takes over at 10K, and an 8" woofer in a sealed enclosure frequencies from 180Hz down.

True-to-life instrumental and vocal timbre and color, along with almost-ESL transparency. The LFT-8b presents an easy-to-drive, almost-purely resistive 8 ohm load to the power amp, and sounds great with tubes. Two pair of binding posts are provided for bi-amping or just bi-wiring. All for $2499 for a NEW pair, a remarkable value.

If you have a bigger room and want a bigger planar, the Magnepan MG3.7 can occasionally be found for $3000/pair, or the improved 3.7i for about a grand more. The 3.7 is a more difficult load (4ohms nominal) than is the LFT-8b, and benefits from more power. It is also somewhat larger than the LFT-8b, measuring 6’ x 18" to the LFT’s 5’ x 13". Both great loudspeakers, but there is also the smaller/cheaper Magnepan MG1.7i. I like it less than the LFT-8b, but the 1.7i has many happy owners. I would rather own any of these planars to ANY dynamic/box loudspeaker I have ever heard, no matter the cost. And I have heard Vandersteen, Magico, Wilson, Marten, and many others. As they say, ymmv!

Oops, the MG3.7 is actually 24" wide, not 18".
I have heard the ET and second the opinion it should be on your list for sure !!!!

i would sell off some of the amp collection ( wow some greats you have ) and consider widening your budget a bit
aTC and Vandersteen would them make my list

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Ive heard the 8bs in a home system. OK for small jazz but did not boogie when required

You can buy NEW Emerald Physics KCIIs or used KCII Pros for < $3K

but Ill bet the new small Magnepan for $650 would suit you well. Use the rest to upgrade other stuff

The best mid-range that I ever heard was from the Alon V MKII speakers and the model above them the Circe model.  The Alnico mid-range driver was just magical.  The only thing I felt that competes is a field coil speaker design.

Happy Listening.

Dynaudio is a sure bet. Something in the upper focus line or any in the contour line should make you happy. 
I got an excellent pair of Focal 948s in white gloss. Great speakers. I'd consider close to $3k usd.