best mid-$ int. amp w/phono, remote

What's the best of the Marantz PM-17SA, the Linn Majik, and the Audio Analog Puccini Special Edition. Heard the Puccinni yesterday and it was extremely musical, no complaints. Concerned about factory support & longevity. Power is not an issue with my 88dB (actual) easy to drive spkrs. Suggest only alternatives with remote, similar price $1300, and onboard phono. I am sick of clutter (outboard stuff). Cheers!
The current issue of TAS reviews a host of integrated amps. Go to to see a preview.
I own the A3 Musical Fidelity.85 watts/8 ohms 170 at 4 ohms.I really believe it is excellent-especially for 1K new. tracer