Best Micro Speaker?

Best micro speaker for a desk top system to pair with Trends TA-10?
Air Tight Bonsai
Gallo Micro or A'diva
Harbeth's smallest speaker, the P3ES2, or
Paradigm Atoms or Studio 20s.

Both deliver excellent value and will match well with your amp. I bought a similar system for my daughter with the Paradigms. I recently heard the Harbeths linked to a Mac and were blown away by their nearfield sound. If space is an issue, I can highly recommend these!!!!
Monitor Audio 90

I worked on the launch of the Wave in 1995.

If you like that, you should audition the Blue Sky Audio EXO system that is distributed through Guitar Center for $200 to 300. Will run circles around the Wave. It is like taking the Bose to the next level in sound for small space.
Radio Shack used to have little white speakers for maybe $20 that were amazing for that price. Maybe they still have them.
Sunfire CRM 2s sound great.
Second the Air Tight Bonsai. Pricey in the category ( but half the price of the bigger Harbeth P3 ), they blow away much bigger speakers in every way but bass.

A cheaper ( and smaller ) option is the Visonik David, now in its nth incarnation as the David 5000i, but the Bonsais sound better.