Best MFSL pressing

Whats the besy MFSL pressing you have heard.My FAV is Dark side of the Moon.
I've not heard that one, but I'm returning the UDCD of Dark Side of the Moon. I think the recording itself must be bright, the high hat cymbols are SOOO very forward and hard, and even the MoFi mastering doen't seem to help it much, over the aluminum standard one. No, it's not my CD player...Does this particular pressing of yours alleviate that very much? I assume it's a UHQR? Those are very expensive. The only MFSL vinyl I have is Anadisq 200, and I don't have that title on it (not sure they did one in that series). Of the ANDSC titles I have, many are dark and sluggish sounding, but a few are quite nice. They seem to be pressed very low in level, where I have to turn the volume setting up around 6 to 8 db louder than normal, and maybe 12 dB higher than vinyl that's been cut with the "hottest" levels (like the RTI pressings from Analog Productions). This is sort of a disadvantage, since it means "groove rush" is that much louder.
Ry Cooder - Jazz MFSL 1-085; Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus MFSL 2-013; Beethovens 9th MFSL 2-516; Star Wars/Close Encounters MFSL 1-008.
Rush; "Moving Pictures" and Robin Trower "Bridge of Sighs" - top notch remasters!
Supertramp-"Crime of the Century", Muddy Waters-"Folk Singer", an Gino Vannelli-"Powerful People". The best MFSL pressings are the ones on JVC pure vinyl with Stan Ricker doing the mastering.
Concur with Slowhand on Muddy Waters, "Folk Singer." What about Beatles, "Magical Mystery Tour" (MFSL 1-047)? It qualifies for one of the best and the worst MFSLs. Its specially plated and pressed on High Definition Super Vinyl by the Victor Company of Japan. But the stereo imaging--George Martin's hard panning--on side one will make you wonder if one of your speakers cut out in the middle of the song. It is downright annoying on headphones: like getting water stuck in your ear at the swimming pool. But I have never heard Lennon and McCartney's voices sound so detailed (the body, the boom, the presences, the sibilances are all there). Everything goes fine on Side Two until "Penny Lane." The sound stage then becomes extremely narrow and you have a mono image for the rest of the album ("Baby You're A Rich Man" and "All You Need is Love"). Message: you can't have it all.
The top 3 great sounding MFSL Rock titles gold CD-Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick, The Who-Who's Next, and Jefferson Airplane-Crown of Creation. In jazz/vocals Frank Sinatra-Songs for swingin lovers, John Coltrane-Blue Train and Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong-Ella and Louis again.
I find nothing particularly sensational on gold or aluminum mfsl cds. there are, tho, some best-ever lps .csn&y: deja vu; ricki lee jones: euponymous; the entire beatles collection but especially white album; uhqrs: sgt.. pepper and dsotm.
MFSL Ultradisc gold CDs are incredible recordings. Cornfedboy may have his ignorant opinion, but just check the Ebay auctions for MFSL gold CDs. I guess the +500 different people are deaf according to CORNFEEEEEDBOY! Back to the subject at hand. Allman Brothers Band -Live at the Fillmore East and Thelonious Monk Quartet Live at Monterey 1963 volumes 1 and 2 are impressive jazz recordings. Also, Steely Dan-Aja and Cannonball Aderly-Somethin Else are some of the top recordings of MFSL gold CDs.
Carl its no surprize you find things bright and forward.What do you accpect from Krell SS and MIT Cable.
threshold: why the hostility? i have around 2000 or so cd's and >5,000 lp's, including >250 mofi (lp's) i also have a very high quality audio sysytem that i use to play the music i favor. i have a number of mofi cd's in my collection, both gold and aluminum, including all of those on your list. IMHO, these cd's, for the most part, are not much better than the originals and none is better than the analogue version. i buy and sell on ebay, too. indeed, i sold 7 sealed beatles mofi's (lp's) in a one-week period for a total of $850.00. truth is, people will buy damned near anything they feel is "collectable." in the case of mofi cd's: the fact that people are willing to pay way too much for them doesn't enhance their sound quality. but, hey, if you like 'em, buy 'em and play 'em. just don't try to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, that your opinion is anything but your opinion. to each his own, eh?
Mark2954 If you think that Ry Cooder's Jazz is good on MoFi you would really love it on vinyl. Of all the MoFi CD's I own and have heard I also think that the Muddy Water's Folk Singer is the best. It puts you right there. All the nuance of his voice and guitar comes into the room. It doesn't get too much better than this except the vinyl of the same.
Disregard my last post, I read PRESSING now!
Just got Abbey Road MFSL LP.It is very good.large improvment over regular LP.
Jan klemmer TOUCH lp,Santana Abraxas cd, and Simon and garfunkel jBoookends cd, just to name a couple there are many more that I like these are just off the top of my head
Grateful Dead- American Beauty,not perfect, but better than any of the other pressings/cds I have(of Amer. Beaut.)
Hands down, The Wall. Possibly one of the best-recorded CDs ever made. Perhaps not the 'deep thought' opera it could have been, but it took Roger Waters a year to finish production and it sounds like it.