Best method to stream music into Quad 12L Active.

Hello everyone,

I am slowly getting back into the hobby after a very long hiatus and want to build my setup around active speakers simply because of cost. I originally wanted to get the audioengine a5+ but am strongly leaning towards the quad 12L Active speakers because from what I understand, their just a better value and performer than the audio engines. I want my speakers for music but also as enhancements for my television.

Considering these speakers are active what would be the best method to setup a wireless music server from my computer or wireless hard drive? What would you recommend? I do not want to spend tons of money maybe at most 350 - 500?

What would be the best and most cost effective way to get quality sound into those quads that hopefully has line level control (volume control) considering these are powered speakers.
It would be cheap and easy to run a Squeezebox Touch directly into the Quads. The analog outs on my Duet aren't bad at all, and the Touch is supposed to be better. The digital volume control seems fine to me, too. Not sure how you'd use active speakers for music and TV without a preamp, though.
I think you should check out the nuforce air DAC.
It is a very small DAC that puts out a line level signal- very clean- and receives data from a transmitter unit. It's protocol is SKAA- not airplay or bluetooth which both give fairly poor audio quality by audiophile standards. SKAA streams at 16/48- CD quality. The dac and amp are very clean.
The transmitters come in a USB unit and a small unit for Iphone 3, 4 and Ipads using the older 30 pin plug. The unit is small enough that you could place behind the Quad 12L.
I bought one for my brother and he reports it sounds much better than his New Denon CD player.