Best method to connect Denon 2900 to Nad T-743?

Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone out there could suggest the best method for connecting a Denon 2900 to a NAD t-743 receiver? I am most concerned about SACD and DVD-A quality. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Use a digital coax cable and S/video for DVD video.
You must use the 7.1 outputs from Denon to 7.1 inputs on NAD for SACD, DVD audio and CD.
Thanks for the response. Can anyone suggest a brand/type of cable to purchase?
I have a 2900 and use Analysis Plus Solo Crystal for the fronts, and Oval One for center and rear channels ( This is more for 2 channel critical listening with occassional surround sound. You may want to go with the better cables all around if you will be listening to surround a good bit although it shouldn't be as critical for the rear channels. I am pretty sure that AP will allow you to buy odd numbers if needed. Also, Audience Au24 is excellent.
Thanks again for the suggestions. I will investigate.