Best Metal Vinyl Album

When we think of audiophiles, we do not think of metal. On the other hand, with the resurgance of vinyl, metal seems to be a hot seller. So, give me your top 3 metal vinyl lp. When in doubt what is metal, ask Eddie Trunk.
Content quality or sound quality?
Content for me would be
Black Sabath debute
Metallica Kill em All
I have a hard time narrowing a final pick.

Audio quality isnt really an issue, crap production can still make my feet tap just as Patricia Barber can put me in coma.
If we're talking about content quality then here's my top 3:

Slayer-Reign in blood
Metallica-Ride the lightning
Good question:

Sound qaulity would be:
Black Sabath- debut at 180g
Mastodon -Hunter 45rpm
Deftones-White Pony

Content quality would be:
Testament-Dark Roots
Metallica-Ride the Lightning
Slayer-Reign of Blood

Just received the 180g Ozzy-blizzard and Diary. Wow, sound qaulity is great. Great to see a few more Metal Heads on here.
I really enjoy these metal albums on vinyl.

Slipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
Slayer Reign In Blood
Black Sabbath-Vol. 4
Iron Madien-Piece Of Mind
Megadeth-Rust In Peace

I would look for an original pressing of these recordings.
For sound quality & content:

Opeth "Damnation" (Koch)
AC/DC "Back In Black"
White Stripes "Icky Thump" (180 gm)
Nothing like original recordings for sure. I have Judas Priest, Screaming for Vengeance and it is great. Also, have Accept Balls to Wall and many scorpions albums and they are all great. Wish recordings would return to analog days and perhaps we would be enjoying recent recorded vinyl as we did inthe past. 180g vs original, hmmm???
Judas Priest British Steel
Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell
Metallica Master of Puppets
Oh, I don't know about not thinking about audiophiles. There's a hell of a lot of great music out there, metal included.

Any Opeth vinyl album will blow you completely away. Some of my favorites are Blackwater Park, Ghost Reveries, and Still Life. Very, very dynamic, extremely well mixed and recorded.

I pulled out one of my very old Judas Priest albums a few weeks ago, and it was quite a treat. I've got a copy of Hero Hero that includes tracks from Rocka Rolla as well as Sad Wings of Destiny. I think I just might pull that out again tonight!
Just downloaded Accept, Blood of the Nations the other day. Great music. Cannot imagine what it would sound on vinyl or even Hirez. I will be seeing Testament in Seattle live, cannot wait.
I have Black Sabbath 1st album and Vol. 4 on vinyl. Music Hall Turntable and NAD VISO 5 receiver. Image speaker mains.

Early heavy metal is liquid. The mind boggles at the volcanic bubbling of distorted electric guitars. The music vibrates with a violent warbling and soars through studio effects. Ozzy cries out like a demented prisoner chained in a dungeon, his voice sweetly echoing down stone-walled halls.
BP, downloaded Opeth. I must agree they are able to mix great sound with hard ass metal. Sounds great on my Cremonas, thanks. Guess Opeth and Mastadon toured together. What a show that would have been.
Harris4crna: yeah, Opeth did recently run through the US with Mastodon and Ghost.

I went to that show at the Myth here in Minneapolis, and Opeth cancelled because Mikael bashed his head while getting out of the tour bus right before the start of their set. He had to be taken to the hospital ER to get stapled. No show for me.

A few months before that I had meet and greet tickets to see Opeth at First Avenue (also in Minneapolis) when they came through with Katatonia. I made the meet and greet, and talked with all of the current guys for some time. They're very, very cool individuals, all of them. But... I had to leave that show because one of my twins had to be taken to the ER. All I managed to catch was the encore after she was discharged fro the ER (Folklore off Heritage), which was amazing.

The only time I've managed to see an entire Opeth set was their 2008 show at the Myth, in support of the Watershed album. Oh. My. God. was this an amazing show.

All: If you guys are feeling adventurous, check out Porcupine Tree. It's not quite metal, it's Steve Wilson's band. He's done a lot of work with Opeth, and is a freaking perfectionist. Anything he touches is amazing.
Damn, two shows missed due to ER visits. Guess the next time you do see them than it will be that much better. I caught both Ghost and Mastodon at Sonishpere in Madrid Spain. Did not know much of Ghost, so did not pay much attention since they were on a smaller stage. Although, Mastodon I got right up front since the first time I saw them the sound sucked. I saw them open up for Deftones and Alice in Chains couple years back in Seattle. Almost went and saw Mastodon here in Rome, but they played during mid week and it would have been dificult to get up in the am for work. Now, i kick myself because a small venue would have been great. Next month I get the great opportunity to arrive in seattle and see my favorite band, Testament, Anthrax and Death Angel. I am stoked for that show. Thought that was good enough, but follow it up couple days later to see the Uproar festival with Godsmack. Good times.
Opeth opening for Mastodon was awesome, What a combination of amazing music

Opeth heritage is an unbelievable blend of prog metal goodness
Any metal head that hasnt heard Mastodon Leviathan needs to order it asap and prepare themselves to be completely blown away
Yeah, im just falling in love with both Opeth and Mastadon. They have been around for a long time. Amazing have not had the opportunity to see them. They have many europe tour dates. Ill make at least one before I leave. Thinking about purchasing Heritage on vinyl. Not a fan of new vinyl, but may be worth the purchase. Great if they sold on Hirez, DSD or recorded in analog.
For 'Master of Puppets' by Metallica, make sure you get the DMM cut. The standard cut (which I have, UK pressing on the Music for Nations label) isn't that great.
Check out stuff by the
UK band Budgie. The recordings are quite good, imo. Simple yet effective. Not overprocessed.
Yeah, i bought the 33 versus the 45 of master puppets. I agree, not so good. Really do not litsen to Metallica much anymore. Got burned out after seeing the live so many times and nothing really new coming from their camp. Im getting into more and more prog metal. Just bought Mastadon Crack the Sky on vinyl. Cannot wait to get back to the states so i can set up my other TT. This european project debut has done fine here, but i know i can get much more coming through my Cremonas.
I personally like.....

Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"

Metallic "Ride The Lightening"

Megadeth "Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?"
I was a metal head back in the mid 80's. Those were the last of the turntable days (no choice). I loved Judas Priest, Accept, Nasty Savage, Merciful Fate. It was all fantastic on vinyl. I can get really deep with this but you'll have to ask because I have to remember. I don't listen to metal any more but I own stacks of lps.!!
Budgie,is it metal? I guess you can say early beginnings of Metal coming out at around the same time as Black Sabbath unfortunately without the worldwide success. I would to say as a metal Fan myself older school with some new i would say 1)Metallica - Master of Puppets
2)Black Sabbath - Sabotage
3)Mastodon - Blood mountain
4)High on Fire - Snakes for the Divine
5)Judas Priest - Point of Entry
6)Iron Maiden - Powerslave Plus many many more>>>the list goes on and on
All of these bands have their distinct styles but all deliver with fine playing and enough energy to charge up a full arena venue. Hmmm think I will go listen to Iron Maiden's "Somewhere in Time" Japanese version on vinyl which I just picked up in Victoria, BC. Happy Metal Hunting and Listening!!!!
Been away, but for good reasons. Just visited hometown seattle. Had the opportunity to see Testament and Anthrax at the showbox. Great, great. Show. Suprising for me, I enjoyed Anthrax better than Testament. I am a hardcore Testament fan, so I surprised myself that stear toward the other.. I have seen them put on better shows I guess. Couple days later, hit up the Uproar Festival and saw Godsmack, Staind and Adelitas Way. Yes, more hard rock versus metal, but still worth mentioning.

While in town hit up many record shops. Great metal shop in Capitol Hill. Expensive, but got my hands on some Opeth. Just returned from San Jose and picked up three Deftones albums. Also, got my hands on a Music Fidelity copy of Megadeath, Countdown to Extinction. Cannot wait to hear this one. Reviews will follow.

Donj, share to donate to the metalhead cause?
Hi Vinylmad814,

Correct, and Budgie's recordings are quite good. As good or better than the "big boys" of that era. UK vinyl is the recommended format.
After playing Metallica-And Justice For All I realize what a great recording this is! I bought the album the day it came out in 1988 so it's a very early pressing. I don't know if later pressings are at this near reference level.
Since I'm not a Metal fan and I never really was, there is only one band/record that I can think of worth mentioning; The Godz from Columbus, Ohio. This band was forever slighted by critics however they toured with KISS, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne.
They've always had a small following but they are both interesting and original. I just thought it might be of interest.
Dayglow, interesting you mentioned Metallica, And Justice For All as one of your favorites. This album has been notoriously criticized for its poor production and lack of bass. With that said, it is truly the last of the best Metallica albums and truly a favorite of mine.

Phasecorrect, cannot agree more, but may i recommend the new Black Sabbath 13 to the list, Wow!!!!!!

Goofyfoot, have not heard of the Godz, but will definitely take a listen.
Yeah, i bought the 33 versus the 45 of master puppets. I agree, not so good.

The Because Sound Matters Metallica reissues are awful. I bought 33 rpm reissues of MoP and AJFA, and I unloaded the MoP at a loss as it was unlistenable. The vinyl looked like it was burned and had an unacceptably high surface noise for a brand new record. The deal breaker was buzzing distortion throughout many of the songs. I recently bought a copy of AJFA and again high surface noise, which most likely means that they use cheap quality vinyl for their pressings. The sound is ok considering the well-known issues with producing that album mentioned in this thread (btw, it's not lack of bass per se, but the tuning of Hetfield's guitar that buried the bass lines as well as mixing of the drums that are way too forward in the mix), but "Dyers Eve" sounds completely distorted. I thought my cartridge broke the first time I was listening to it, but "luckily" it turned out to be the recording. I don't know what the 45 versions sound like, but I will NEVER buy another record on the Because Sound Matters label. It's a perfect example of cashing in on the vinyl revival without any concern for the quality of the product. Shameful. Stay away.
I could, at my advanced age, still enjoy metal if it weren't for one thing. The vocals. How it morphed from the haunting, melodic, wailing of the likes of Ozzie to the demonic, hideous rasps of current metal bands, I'll never know.
I have the Ride of Lightning 45 and worth keeping. Agree, the 33 version by Metallica are definitely worth buying. Couple years back when i started buying vinyl again i bought reissues, but now i am very picky. I stick with Mofi, but expensive and much goes to over production cost. Until they start recording in analog or an advanced digital format than new issue vinyl may never be worth buying, thoughts?
Well, if they cut from cd files and such, it's not worth it. I haven't yet heard DSD sourced vinyl, so I can't say. If it has to be digital, it should be at least DSD, imo. The best is all analog of course...
For me personally I has not been so much an issue of the sound quality as it has been of the pressing quality. In fact, sound quality wise I have to say all heavy metal vinyl pressings I have heard have sounded better than their CD counterparts. For example, Metallica "Death Magnetic" and Audioslave "Audioslave" are horribly compressed on the CD versions (as a side note, both are produced by Rick Rubin whose phenomenon I cannot understand as every record he produces sounds just awful in the CD version; how he maintains demand for his services is a sad telling of what sound sells these days.); however, both records sound much, much better on vinyl. But the quality of Metallica pressings on the Because Sound Matters label is just shit. Burnt vinyl, distortion throughout the songs, vinyl noise right out of the sleeve as if it's been played 500 times. Disgusting. The Dutch pressing of Audioslave is way better. So I'm still an advocate of hard rock and metal on vinyl in general, but the quality of the pressings needs to improve big time. If they press on cheap vinyl with no concern for the quality, no matter how good the sound might be otherwise, the record will never sound good.
True, I agree. That's definitely something to consider as well...I also agree that hard rock and metal sounds better on vinyl. Why, I'm not exactly sure...
If a vinyl record is mastered from the original analog tapes it should sound much better than an over-compressed CD copy. My copy of "Death Magnetic" sounds much better on vinyl than the ear-bleeding CD of that album.
I suspect, however, that many records recorded today are recorded and processed digitally, even if they are then released on vinyl in addition to CD. Why and if they still sound better on vinyl is an interesting question. I have seen a thread on here discussing this a while ago. The consensus seemed to be that there are vinyl records processed digitally that sound spectacular, but I believe we're still talking recordings originally captured on an analog tape.
Thank you for taking the time to explain. Yes, I agree until the production companies return to analog recording or convert to DSD than new vinyl may suffer. Truly, I believe there is a market for it. I see these young metal heads going out buying vinyl. I know I would purchase new vinyl if production improves. I understand musicians are making less from music sales from CDs due to the digital sharing on the internet. They make much of their money from touring these days which is good for this metal head that loves going to good shows. I truly believe we audiophiles need to continue to stress the desire for good sound which need to result from the foundational recording.
I truly believe we audiophiles need to continue to stress the desire for good sound which need to result from the foundational recording.

That's a very valid point. Hopefully the industry, or at least a part of it will take note and act accordingly. I personally would not give up the fight for better pressing quality and better sound. However, with heavy metal, sometimes the master recording just isn't that good, and we're hearing the flaws in that recording. Regardless if the records have been cut from analog or digital.
Best Metal Vinyl Album-"Dopesmoker" by Sleep.

PS. If you decide to get it on CD buy the Southern Lord release.

I initiated this thread, but failed to keep it going. I love hearing about metal vinyl, where to get the best metal vinyl and various life experiences with metal. I have currently returned from Vancouver Canada. Went to a metal record shop. Harldly find those around. Well, this guy knew his stuff and the material to show for it. Recently, I have been in love with Opeth, Mastodon & The Sword. I bought a collectors Watershed and Still Life, Expensive!!!!! Oh well, love the stuff.
Hi Harris4crna

One great sounding metal vinyl album IMO is Black Sabbath 13. I really enjoyed this album. I bought it on a whim and have been very happy since.

I also have 3 earlier Tool albums that I got from Pop Market. If I can get 13 out of rotation I'll put those albums on and let you know.

I do own Black Sabbath 13 on digital. I'm always reluctant to buy new vinyl since it is recorded in digital. With that said, it's a great album I enjoy it immensely.
1)Reign in blood (Original German Pressing)
2)Seventh son (Original UK Pressing)
3)Ride the lightning (MFN 45 rpm 87 reissue)
4)Infernal overkill (Original german Pressing)
5)Master of puppets (Elektra Allied pressing)
6)Extreme Aggression (Original German Pressing)
7)Ride The lightning (Roadrunner original 1984 Pressing)
8)Powerslave (Original Greek Pressing)
9)Filosofem (Back on black 08 reissue)
10)Endless Pain (Original german pressing)

I try to stick to the title and i not mention CDs or any other stuff here. These 10 vinyl is some of my favorite vinyl in my collection.