Best McIntosh Tap for Dynaudio Confid 5 Speakers

Does anyone use Dynaudio speakers with a Mac MC402. I use the 4 ohm tap and it sounds good but I read where the 2 ohm tap would sound better because the speaker goes below 4 ohms.

Looking at the speaker spec they seem to go from 8 to 3.5 ohms.

Can someone help?
Are you worried about damage from the 2 ohm tap? It seems that trying the two options would be the way to go otherwise.
Why don't you A/B them then choose what YOU like best. You will not damage the speakers unless you abuse them. Just my opinion,humble as it may be.
I agree with Tpreaves. I have a MC402 as well and I use the 4 ohm but my speakers are 4 ohm. I tried the 8 ohm at one time but didn't notice any difference, I haven't tried the 2 ohm yet. But everything is system dependant what works for someone may not work for you. Move some wire and listen.
You should try every tap on a tube amp to determine which sounds the best to you. Sometimes the best tap is not the one you would think is the best. I have 4, 8, and 16 ohm taps on my amp and whenever I get a new speaker I experiment with all the taps to see which I prefer. It is different with different types of speakers.
To eliminate any impedance mismatch 2ohm would be the better tap to use with your mac..