Best Mcintosh solid-state amp 200-300 watts?

Curious about what everyones opinions are about these amps. I have been thinking about getting one to try it out in my system. I really want to go to a two channel setup but am afraid to lose my surround-sound for movies. Let me know what you guys think!

Of course, you will get varied opinions on this, but for my money, Mac's best amp ever produced is the MC7200! No autoformers here, direct-coupled, with great sound! Rated at 200 wpc @ 8 hms/300 wpc @ 4 ohms. Many of Mac's amps have had "muddy" bass, but not this one. I know your dilemna, wanting to stay with surround sound. I've used my 7200 with my Yamaha DSP-A1 processor, and very happy with the results. I also have a 7200 in my audio room, and it's great there, too. One thing about it, you can always sell a Mac amp and get your money back if you're not happy with it! Try that with some of the others!
MC402 400 watts is so fine. These are great amps as are the lower power ones 250-300 watts. Effortless and tube like with great detail and texture at the same time.

Bearotti, you made no mention about what vintage Mac Amp? New?, Older?

For an older unit, a clean used MC-7270 would fit the bill quite nicely, with 270WPC RMS. I've never heard, or seen in person the MC-402, but the MC-352 is a killer unit, and I believe these can still be gotten new. Mark
Mark, I made no distinction on purpose as it doesn't really matter to me. I guess I am just looking for opinions on what the favorite was regarless of vintage.
good goes including one over and one under your watt range, but hey even an mc275 tubeSS will drive almost anything. .....mac BEST BANG for the buck....mc7300(narrow-smooth assilk sound)....mc352(for most louspeakers of any size and efficency this is an end all)......4300 receiver(yes receiver)the finese of a big mac with a nice tuner, and a phono section that is as good as any outboard ive heard for 1k to 3k.......mc7200(identical smoothness of the 7300, but cosmetically a little more primitive(at least in mac terms). mc252(one of the best buys currently out there.matches well with lots of speakers, but until the mc352's dry up its a close second).
I have to agree with Grannyring. The 400 watt MC-402 is an amazing amp. I've only had mine for 12 days and bought it as a local sale here on Audiogon. I have a 200 watt SS Mac (MC-202) which I like very much, but the 402 is just in a different league.

I was looking for a MC-252, MC-352 or MC-402. When I saw this unit avilable in true 'mint' condition, without the shipping worries, I bought it.

There are still some NOS MC-352 amps available and they are supposed to be a great amp as well.

Good luck!
well im gonna step out on a limb here & go against the grain,out of all the amps mentioned here in the wattage range your asking about i like the mc7106,300x3 @ 8 ohms, no autoformers.

the 7106 blew away my mc300 & wasnt that far off from performing as well as my mc252,the mc7104 is also a fantastic sounding amp with 200x2 @ 8 ohms.

for the price they sell for used you cant touch another 300 watt mac amp & they perform as good or better that the 2 channel amps.

aside from the mc1201's that im running right now the mc500 was my next favorite mac amp.
I had 7200;7270;MC-300;MC-352;MC-402 in my system.MC-402 was the best on all respects.352 pretty close to 402.The worst sounding amp from this group was MC-300.
Wasn't the 7106 a 6-channel amp, to go with the MX-130?
And the 7104 a 4-channel Amp? I think so. mark
hi mark,your correct on both amp's.

the mc7106 is a 6 channel amp that is rated at 100wpc @ 4 ohms with all 6 channels driven & the mc7104 is a 4 channel 100 wpc channel amp that is rated at 100 wpc @ 4 ohms with all 4 channels driven.

when you bridge the 7106 you get 300 wpc @ 8 oms in 3 channels & bridging the 7104 brings the power up to 200 wpc @ 8 ohms in 2 channels.

i loved both of those amps in bridged mono & im currently looking for another mc7106 or 7104 to replace the one's i foolishly sold.
Zikhmark, Thanks for your post and opinion of the various Mac amps you have owned. I had the 7200,7270 and MC-300 on a short list last year when I finally bought the MC-202 amp. I'm glad to have made the jump to the MC-402. It's interesting to note that of these 5 amps, in your opinion, the MC-402 came out on top. If I had bought the MC-252, I most likely would have loved it, but would have always wondered how much better the MC-402 would sound.
I see you use the 501monoblocs now. What is the difference and to be gained by moving up from a MC402 to the 501s?
I too feel the 7200 is fantastic. After trying out the 202 a while back, I kept the 7200 although I would like to try it again now that I have different speakers. The 402 is the best amp I have ever heard but the 7200 KILLS it (along with most of the other Mc amps) in terms of value.
Nwavesailor-your very welcome;Hassel-with MC-501 evrything better-power,image,soundstage,more deep just step up from MC-402.