Best mc cartridge for Boulder 1010?

I plan to get back to vinyl soon and want to start by using the phono stage in my Boulder 1010 pre. I wonder if anyone have had experience with the Boulder preamp and can recommend the cartridge that suit the most.
Dear Suchart: There are some factors that are important in a phonolinepreamp like your 1010 specially when you are using the phono stage section: gain, noise, RIAA accuracy, facilities on load impedance and capacitance.

I never hear your unit but reading about it seems to me that has the right gain to handle MC cartridges ( including the very low output ones ) and MM ones, noise and RIAA ( knowing Boulder ) are good but I think that you can't change the load impedance ( I don't know which is the value if is fixed ), if this is true then ( knowing the impedance 1010 value ) the MC cartridges you can " play " with could be very limited ( depending on that 1010 fixed impedance ): you need to know that value and ask if you can change it and for that you have to " go " directly to Boulder.

In the other side you can use MM cartridges ( there are some units that performs at the same level that many top MC ones ) but here you have to know too the load impedance and the capacitance and if you can/could change the capacitance value.

When you have this information IMHO it will be more easy and precise any advise on which cartridges can you use and from here to select the matching tonearm and TT.

Btw, how much LPs do you own?

Regards and enjoy the music.
Dear Raul,
I appreciate your valuable comments. As I mentioned before, I had left vinyl for a long time and just want to start fresh. However, I intend to make a purchase that I can live with for quite a while, not having to upgrade in short period. I know the phono stage in the Boulder is quite limited in flexibility to match with some cartridges. That's why I asked for the recommendations.
By the way, I now have about 50 records that I recently bought and have never played them.