Best MC cartridge for a nott/schroder - under 2k

Any opinions?
What phono stage?
What music genre(s)?
What kind of sound are you after?
Dear Aronsss: There are a lot of cartridges out there.
A nott/schroder, means nothing. It is very important to match the cartridge with the right tonearm.

With which tonearm do you want to match that cartridge?

Regards and enjoy the music.
Doug, you may have overloaded him.
At a rough guess from the limited info I would suggest a sub 2K cartridge is a waste of time with any Schroeder arm & the nott? is just a waste of time altogether unless bass rocks your world!
The Galibier site has very good information about Schroeder arms :

and Frank's comments on matching carts :
Hi Simon74, hello Aronsss!
Not knowing which phonostage you will be using makes it difficult to recommend a cartridge, not to mention that it would be helpful to know how you would characterize the current sound of your system(as it sounds in your room). As there are no absolutely neutral carts/components, your choice will give you a chance to compensate for slight deviations from neutral, assuming that the cart is a good match mechanically).
Spending less than 2k on a cart makes sense on any arm, mine included. What you get above that takes a real gem of a system to present the difference as large enough to justify the expenditure.
Two more carts that sound quite different from each other, costing well below 2k and offering outstanding musicality are the Lyra Dorian(clean but not lean, detailed and fast) and the Music Maker III(slower, but also "richer" sounding).
Not to neglect some of the offerings from Transfiguration and Dynavector...


Frank Schröder
Hi Frank,
My post might make more sense given I was thinking in good old US dollars - a bit above what you mention but not wildly so.
Hopefully one day I will find out - Dear Santa, a Schroder, any old Schroder - I think he only listens up till the age of 10 !
The nearest I've come is a well tempered which is surely the product of a very clever mind - it still amazes me with it's 'apparent' simplicity and it's beguiling sound with any cartridge from £10 - £2,000 but I have a feeling Franks arm takes it a tad further.