best matching speaker stand for B&W 805 sig

What is the best matching speaker stand for B&W 805 sig? What's the proper size?
These folks make nice stuff.
I believe they have one matched to the 805s.
B&W's makes a stand for these. However I would go with a pair of Sound Anchor stands which I think are 26" tall.
Atlantic Tech Reference XL 24" (Fat column type)
or the Target R series
or the B&W stands
I haven't experimented, but I have the Sound Anchor stands for my S805's and I am very pleased with them.
You might try the Sistrum SPK-24 or SPK-28 speaker stands ( I believe that you can audition them in your home.

I have B&W Silver Signatures (the 805's grandfather, the $8000.00 all silver wired monitor from 1991) and spike both the stands and the speakers with their AudoPoints.

I have the Sistrum SP-6 six shelf equipment rack which is fantastic, and I plan on going with the SPK stands when I quit upgrading my equipment and the money becomes available.

As far as how tall they or any stand should be, it's according to your chair. Your ear should be on the same level as the tweeter.

Good luck! A good stand will tighten up the sound very nicely.
Another alternative to Sound Anchor, Target R4 or the Atlantis XL stands are the Skylan Stands.

They are custom built to order. They are just as solid and heavy and more affordable.
I have sound anchor stands for my cdm nt speakers. I have no doubt Sound Anchor has the right solution for the 805 signatures. An extremely well built and effective stand is what I ended up with, and a company that really listens to its customers. I had some unusual requests to make of them and they made it all happen to a much higher degree than I thought possible- and I am unbelievably fussy customer! Even if you do not go with them, I would recommend you check them out.