Best matching speaker for Alepha 3.

I bought a Pass Alepha3 power amp. But the power of this amp is very low. Which speaker is best matching for Alepha3? Any advice wil be appriciated. Regards.
Unless you have a large room a speaker with at least 90db and 8 ohm should work fine.
I have used the Aleph 3 with both Meadowlark Kestrels and Dunlavy SCIVs both work fine, you can't however play VERY LOUD with either, but the awesome sound of the Aleph 3 makes up for the low power. If you are on a budget I believe that the Kestrels mate especially well, you can get a set used for around 600.00
I've been using mine with Mission 753's (91db 6 ohm), and it sounds amazing. My room isn't too small(maybe 12' x 20'), and I've never had a problem with too little volume.
I'm using an Aleph 3 with Quad ESL 63's in a room 19 x 14 x 9, and getting plenty of volume, good dynamics, and so on. I don't listen at head-banging volume levels, but high enough for realism. I'm using it with a Cinepro 10 Line Balancer, which may help. I'm using a passive preamp too, which works surprisingly well with the Aleph 3. Nelson Pass said he wasn' surprised, but expectations were against it.
Proac Response 1sc might be a good match along with the Merlin TSM-SE. Ahhh, another winner which I also heard is quite good for the Aleph 3 is the Dynaudion Contour 1.1's.
I heard a pair of Thiel 1.5 driven by the Aleph 3 once it sounded beautiful, crystal clear, dynamic, transients were perfect, everything. Good match.
I agree with most of comments on the sound quality of the Aleph 3 and David99 is right! I have been using a pair of Kef 104.2 (92db,4 ohms) I don't know what's the defination of 'headbanging volume' but I do know that in my 13ftx20ft room the bass extends to a very respectable level! The latest recommendation from my local dealer is the Italian horn speakers, Zingali. For those who has tried this combination, care to feedback?
Infinity prelude @ 98 db should give you plenty of sound loud and very clean horn speakers may be louder but I think preludes sound much better
I demoed the aleph 3 with the proac above. Very nice sound. The salesman played it at his max 'safe' volume. It was not very loud.
I get more than enough volumn with my 92dB speakers.I do like it loud at times to but always have plenty of head room.My room is 21x15x8.The aleph-3 is killer! I've had mine 5 weeks or so.