Best matching speaker cable for my rears .35ft run

Hi, I have a complete Aerial speaker surround system....I need some advice on the type of speaker cable I should looking at to run my rear speaker.....Its a 35 ft run...going back to a pair of Aerial sr-3 speakers....Any good choices that wont break the bank but would not degrade my system.......Thanks
I would try to stick within the same family / brand of cable that you're using for your mains if at all possible. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same specific model ( probably WAY too expensive to do that ). This will become more critical if you begin using your system for multi-channel music ( DVD-A, etc.. ) than if it is strictly for HT use. Sean
I also needed a 35 foot run"s for my back surrounds( 2 different cables 7 channel audio) DH LABS Q 10 very nice, and CAT CABLE which sound equally good with better build quality. talk to Doug at CATCABLE