Best matching Cables and interconnect

Purchased a pair of Dynaudio's 82 and a Plinius 9200. What would be an optimum choice for speaker cables and interconnect with a Denon 2910 DVD
To help folks with recommendations, a few questions:

How much do you want to spend, what length speaker cables {cost may factor in here] do you need?
Are you bi-wiring, or running balanced?

I would need total of 28 feet of speaker cable (2 - 14 foot cables) and about 4 feet of some digital audio connector for the Plini to Denon player. I will be running balanced and my budget is aound $500

I do appreciate your advice Billm!
Hi. Man, matching up cables to a specific system is pretty tough!
I personally think that you should listen to the system for a while after it has settled in. Get a good grip on the sound, and this may take a few weeks or more, depending on how much you listen.
Once you become acclimated with the sound, you can then decide where you want to take the sonics from there.

For example: Do you want more treble extension, is the bass lacking, could things perhaps be a bit more transparent.
I would then match up cables to my core components, so that they compliment strengths and weaknesses.

I hope this makes sense to you.

I know what I would buy for that system, for my tastes, with $500......

Thanks Bill..this does validate the steps that I intend to take!

I am with you, that with the overwhelming science/theories around cables and interconnects; personal preferences and taste become the major factor is decision making and I've got to listen and feel the system before I optimize on cables/interconnects..