Best Matched Monitor Speakers For 300B S.E.T amps

Hi All,

I need some advice. I just moved into a small listening room. the small side 12'X12'. I'm thinking about buying the monitor speakers that's more appropriate for this small room that match with my 300B SET amps

So what's a good matching monitor speakers for these amps and this sized room? My budget is around $1000.

Appreciated for your help!
please check out the Soliloquy SM2A3 Monitors ... they are designed around low power set tube amps --- wonder reviews and wonderful speakers ---see them on our showcase --Quest for Sound -- on audiogon or at --

and also the Coincident triumph monitors -- again designed
around low power tube amps and also wonderful speakers ...
check them out on our showcase -- Quest for Sound -- or at
(also have a demo pair for sale)

any questions please get in touch

good listening
Quest For Sound
Get you some PRO-AC's (1S) by far the best small speakers made. I just replaced my large B&W 802's with a pair of Pro-Ac 1 SC's and I could not believe the improvement. The 1S's are a little less money than the 1 SC's, you should be able to buy a pair for 900.00. Check it out
Check out recommended speakers on the following site. There are dozens of speakers, pictures and descriptions.
Hi EveryOne,

I'm highly appreciated for your recommendations. I am trying to increase my budget from $1000 to $1300, cause I don't think that there are any best matching speakers for under $1000.

Have anyone tried Coincident Triumph Signature with the SET ? And those speakers come with the stands from the Manufacture or Dealer?

Again, thanks a lot for your opinions
I would second the proac 1sc....if you can go a bit more than $1000 you should be able to find a pair.
I would 3rd the proac 1sc. IMO it the most transparent speaker in the response line.
Audioslife: I have used a pair of Reynaud Twins with an Audion Silver Night 300B amp in a room twice your size, for the past year, without any problems other than not being able to blast the stereo. I did once set this system up in a 12' x 14' room and it killed (even on full scale classical music) and played as loudly as anyone would need in such a small room. The Twin's are in your price range ($850), but they do require good one piece 28" stands to sound their best, which raises the price a bit. This really goes the same for any stand mount monitor though.
Off base from your inquiry but you say your room is 12x12? Rooms with common dimensions are notoriously bad sometimes for listening as the same wavelength tends to get reinforced in numerous ways.(standing waves, room resonant frequency ect...) Take a look at some sites on dealing with such stuff as you are putting together a nice system and little things you do with the room and speaker placement will probably make a big difference. Do a search or start at Art Ludwig's site ( if you are not already familiar w/ Art). If you know all of this please excuse me and good listening.
I like 300b's too.
Try Loth-X monitors. They sound great, are very efficient, and very reasonable.