best match power amp for Acoustic Research AR 3

My first treat for wise advice on Audiogon...

Week ago i have found a pair of speaker Acoustic Research AR 3 for $10 cad!!! At my local thrift store and they work very well.And i complely FALL IN LOVE with this A&R AR 3 speaker.

I cry went i first connect them to my system for $10? Listen to All my favorite cd.The sound with them is a real AMAZING delight.

I understand now why they request $1500/average us on ebay....

Now they are drive by a Technics SU-V60 with Cardas F7 PC
a Sony DVP-S7700 and a Technics ST-7300 tuner. Also i use
Angstrom ref floor as Technics has A+B speaker connection.

My question is what will be the best match power amp for the Acoustic Research AR 3??? I had a Meridian 565 pre-pro
i will use as pream connected by digital cable to the Sony
DVP-S7700 as source. I love dance/rock music but also classical.

I really want to build a high-end system base on this A&R
Ar 3 and i plan to keep them ALL MY LIFE!!!

I'm a musicien with good ear and music is a REAL PASSION
for me as most of you. My budget is $500/1000 as i just start to work and has a chance to buy a Rotel RB 2000 vintage power amp. I need your advice on modern of vintage
power amp. Thank you to share your time...

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Check out the para sound new classic 2125 amazing amp and a great match for the AR'S,,,,,,

Good Listening
Quest for Sound