best match power amp for Acoustic Research AR 3

My first treat for wise advice on Audiogon...

Week ago i have found a pair of speaker Acoustic Research AR 3 for $10 cad!!! At my local thrift store and they work very well.And i complely FALL IN LOVE with this A&R AR 3 speaker.

I cry went i first connect them to my system for $10? Listen to All my favorite cd.The sound with them is a real AMAZING delight.

I understand now why they request $1500/average us on ebay....

Now they are drive by a Technics SU-V60 with Cardas F7 PC
a Sony DVP-S7700 and a Technics ST-7300 tuner. Also i use
Angstrom ref floor as Technics has A+B speaker connection.

My question is what will be the best match power amp for the Acoustic Research AR 3??? I had a Meridian 565 pre-pro
i will use as pream connected by digital cable to the Sony
DVP-S7700 as source. I love dance/rock music but also classical.

I really want to build a high-end system base on this A&R
Ar 3 and i plan to keep them ALL MY LIFE!!!

I'm a musicien with good ear and music is a REAL PASSION
for me as most of you. My budget is $500/1000 as i just start to work and has a chance to buy a Rotel RB 2000 vintage power amp. I need your advice on modern of vintage
power amp. Thank you to share your time...
The design of the AR-3 required a lot of power. I think around 150wpc would be about right and they will take more.
Check out the para sound new classic 2125 amazing amp and a great match for the AR'S,,,,,,

Good Listening
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Thank you Russ69 i appreciate your answer. As i got the
opportunity to buy a Rotel RB 2000 who is 120wpc into
8 OHM and 140 wpc 4 OHM A&R ar3 are 4 OHM... I give me
4 week before to buy an used power amp so that give me
time to find a good digital cable and IC. I'm patient
so my buy will be the expression of my reflexion and
advise from other. Audio is a wonderfull hobby from
vintage Gibson guitar to high-end discovery of keep
secret best equipement...Where the good are not always
the most expensive.
These speakers are OLD turkeys!!
AR's have excellent low end response, however their highs are limited. I suggest Janzen electrostatic tweeter.....NOW YOU"RE TALKIN". This very combination was used by Joe Grado as his state of the art system for evaluating his cartridges, etc. Regarding power...the more the better.
Some would say old AR's highs are not limited, just not boosted for effect.
I have had several AR3a's-powered by my old but reliable AR amp,it is 60 watts-per side at 4 ohms.They sounded great for the time but were never designed to play at super loud levels-the tweeters were the weak point.Whatever you do pick an amp with clean power-I made the mistake of using an old phase linear 400--it sounded great but I wanted it louder and louder and next thing I knew the tweeters failed-the AR amp was a safer bet-I knew what their limit was with it.
What mean a power amp with clean power??

I enjoy all your answer.
I had the AR integrated with a pair of AR-5s many years ago. Beautiful piece. Sound--- hard as nails. Vintage solid state. Just about any modern design will sound better, maybe Parasound or Adcom?
Pass labs x100B jump on a pair now!!
i already had a Adcom amplifier in the past and was not very
impress i do'nt remember the model. It was a dealer used
unit until i finish to pay for a Meridian 551 i buy from
him who was much better than the Adcom. What is the best
Parasound power amp used in term of quality/price???
Friday i buy a digital coaxial cable and i just start the
burn in. The cable sound good already with the Meridian 565
build in dac. I buy a custom dealer made it a 1m Furutech
pure silver conduct with Furutech connector. for $150 cad
WOW,probably the best digital money can buy at this price range...

Upgrade is very audible much more details than the Sony
DVP-S7700 can deliver in CD mode now i use as transport
where it shine. The burn in will take min. of 125 hour.

So if you need a digital cable 75 ohm try the Furutech
FX Alpha pure silver with the connector of your choice.

It will surprise you...