best match for Macintosh MC352

Need help. Have a Anthem AVM 30 preamp/processor. Want to upgrade. Have Musical Fidelity A308 CD and Definitive Technology BP7000SC Supertowers (love em). Looking to serve both for 2 channel and HT application. Budget $8,000. New to Audiogon, any help would be great.
Theo, actually APPLE makes computers and the Macintosh is a model/brand within that company. Also Macintosh is a variety of an apple, (like Red Delicious or Granny Smith) so maybe that's where the name came from?
Here is a link for the story about Apple's Macintosh Computer name:

Scroll down to the heading..."An Apple a Day"
Thanks Theo. To further elaborate I have Def Tech matching components. 4 BPVX surrounds and a CLR3000 center channel with a 10 inch powered sub. Happy with them. The surrounds are powered by a Anthem MCA 50 @ 180 wpc x 5 channels. I am overall happy with the two channel sound but find it somewhat lacking in the mids. Want to start upgrading and the AVM 30 is 5 year old technology. Wondering what processor will give me both great 2 channel sound and surround sound. Thanks in advance for anyones input.
Mofi, actually I have read in two publications where Apple (you're right about the mfg) aquired the name from McIntosh laboratories. I see that this is in direct conflict with the link you provided. So it is now a quandry, I see that I face many sleepless nights. However I appreciate you not correcting my attention to the spelling of the Audio Company vs. the Model of the Apple computer. Now go listen to your system Mr. Anti-McIntosh:)
Finnman, I would say at this point for the 8000.00 investment with which you are seeking to complete this project. One the MC352 will be a great addition and if you use the current Anthem Amp as a center and surround amp, leaving 2 of the channels idle. And then add a 2 Channel pre-Amp that has Unity gain which will be labled also at HT pass thru you can easlity do that with a used MC352 and a Used ARC LS26 if you want tube. Or the MC352 and an Ayre K5-xe solid state pre-amp. That was my original choice for this task but decided to try tube for a differnt sound as I was already using solid state with my MX135. I also think you could just use the AVM30 and the MC352 and let the AVM30 do both 2channel and HT. That will be easy as you set up your sources. But I have learned that having a seperate 2 channel pre-amp with the pass thru allows me to have a 2 channel system and just turn off the pre-pro and the 5 channel amp along with any source comp. connected to the pre-pro e.g. DVD etc.
There are many choices out there for the 2 channel pre-amps, and you may consider some of the McIntosh products such as the C2300 or C46.
I bought the ARC mainley because I wanted to try something new. I have been a McIntosh guy for years. And my local dealer threatend my life if I'd bought a Mcintosh again.
Not to mention MoFi was influential with his Anti-Mc encantations. But as he knows, it came with many challenges.
And one final not since I drifted for your original concern. I think you will find the MC352 will awaken a new sound in your Def Tech speakers that will reveal the maximum performance they can offer. I had Infinity Kappa 7's when I bought my 352 and I was amazed at what 350 watts of McIntosh power did for them. I quickly learned that I had better speakers that I thought I had and kept them longer than I had planned.
Thanks Theo. I am the inexperienced idiot here. Failed to say that I have the MC352 and love it!!! It sounds great at 3 watts or 300!!! I can listen to this set up for hours on end. What I am wondering, if I wasn't clear, was will I see a difference if I dump the Anthem for , say, a MX120 or MX136?