Best match for Cary SLP98 Preamp

Need help finding a good match of tube monoblock amplifiers for my Cary SLP98 preamplifier, to support a pair of vintage Dahlquist DQ-10's. The DQ-10's are quite power hungry, so I am not sure what how big the amps need to be. Would like to stay vintage. Listening Room is 13' x 14'.
Have you thought about Cary amps?Seems like a logical choice to me.
Vintage tube amps are not really made for power hungry speakers. Do you know the sensitivity and resistance behavior (min Ohm) of the venerable DQ10 ? I would venture that you will need a more modern set up, as even SS amps of a certain age can get zapped with a high current draw. This happened to me with a really "good" Marantz 250M. It caught fire I am not kidding! I sort of overloaded it (long story). Obviously I am not implicating Marantz but you do need to excersize some caution and the better part of valor may be in supplying the DQ10s with amps capable of high curent delivery of a more recent vintage. Just some common sense.
I found publishing numbers on the Dahlquist DQ-10 that say:

Frequency Response: 37Hz - 27kHz +/-3dB
Efficiency: 86dB/1W/1M
Crossover Frequencies: 400Hz, 1K, 5K, and 12.5K

Looking for a good set of powerful tube monoblocks (used or seconds - roughly $1,500) to run them.
Just get the Cary CAD 120s. Mine works fine with the 98P.
Cary V12 is a good match sonically and visually ... should be enough power in your relatively small room maybe even in triode mode.

Ditto the recommend on the Cary V12 - and you can easily switch from the sweeter triode mode to the more powerful ultralinear operation when you need more oomph. Great match with the SLP98!
A few years ago I had a slp98 experience that reminded me of the 3 bears. An 88r which I tried to like was too small. Then I switched to mb500 that was too big. Before both purchases I tried the V12 and it sounded just right. Unfortunately the first time the V12 was too expensive and because of a move to FL the second time the V12 was too hot. Someday I'd like to put the 98/V12 together in a second system. Most likely I'd be a happy bear.
With the DQ10's I would stay away from tube amplifiers and stick with solid state. Older Classe, Threshold, Krell, McCormick, Aragon, Bryston will all work well with the DQ10 plus the SLP-98 will add a touch of warmth.
Jon Dahlquist "voiced" the DQs to run off tube power. They like tube power, at least 35wpc - but they like much more if you can swing it - 70 or more watts. The crossovers are hungry - they eat up the power - must have a high-current amp. I say, why not give them more power? Most owners of the DQ-10s suggest a power amp of 125 to 150wpc, or more, and must be a high current-amp. Not sure what they mean by "high current" amp. What are the specs on the Cary CAD 120?
Sorry... You guys were backing the Cary V12 amp. From what I've read, a 50wpc amp isn't enough to bring out the magic in the DQ-10s.
Might give the Butler TBD 2250 a look. Plenty of power and hybrid monoblocks. Usually show up here used at very good prices.

FWIW - I had the V12i and SLP-98 together and quite frankly I thought it was too much of the Cary house sound for me.
What are your thoughts on the Aronov Monoblocks LS-9100? Don't know much about them, but there was a lot of hype when they first entered the market.
in the room size 13' x 14' unless there is a cathedral ceiling or other HIGH ceiling, I would think the V12 would have plenty of power for the DQ10's ... certainly worth a try at used prices ... can always re-sell if it does not work out

I traded in my V12R that sounded great with the SLP98P and yes the 50-100 watts is plenty, but the Cary CAD 120's sounds much better and has a little more power. The only drawback is that you can not fry a hamburger on it like you can the V12R. This is not a slam on the V12R but the 120's is much better. I also like the MAC275, but it sounds more solid state than tube to me. It runs very cool. If you get the V12R or monoblocks make sure the roon is big enough handle the heat or that you live in Alaska. Mine raised the temp in an air conditioned room set at 77 to 86+ degrees. It was nice in the winter and helped out with the electric bill, no kidding. Best of luck.