best match amp for Dynaudio audience 52se

Got myself a pair of Audience 52se and powered it on my existing int. amp. EXPOSURE 2010S and I don't like the sound. Somewhere I read that never pair DYNaudio speaker to a tube amp--- & IMO the exposure sounded tubey 'though a SS (this of course on my previous system). NOw I'm beginning to look what's best match for a Dynaudio audience 52se.

INT. amp that I have READ suited for Dynaudio were SIMAUDIO, PLINIUS. Any inputs is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Surprised Exposure and Dynaudio are not a good match.
I would recommend NAD off hand, not knowing your budget.
NAD and Dynaudio are a good match, you need a little power, so at least a 355BEE or better 375BEE integrateds.
When I had a pair of Dynaudio Focus 140 (the next step up from the 52se) I used Musical Fidelity a3.2 and a308, Plinius 8200 MKii, Simaudio I3-se. Both the Plinius and Sim were very good. All were very good matches, and have a good resale value if you decide to try something else.
In my bedroom system I had a pair of Audience 42 with a NAD 325bee and 355bee. The NAD were lacking in detail to my ears.
"Surprised Exposure and Dynaudio are not a good match" --were you expecting this pair to be matched?

I have not set-up the speaker to the recommended spacing. Perhaps I'll try it first. I dont know really where to start-- My kestrels are different from the audience 52se..

maybe I can give a little info on my system.

Meadowlark kestrels-speaker
Exposure 2010S- Int. amp
Ultimate cables silver series- speaker cable & IC
Yamaha universal player-cd/sacd/dvd-A :-)---hehehe

I'm actually saving for a HI-res DAC, thats why I have the yamaha. Anyways, the above set-up was tremendously excellent on vocals/easy listening. However, when I hooked up the dynaudio, they have different presentation. I just want some detail...