Best mat for Transrotor table?

What is the best mat for entry level Transrotor table (under $2000)?The salesman said that AQ Sorbogel mat is the best but he's been known to lie before.Appreciate your responses.
why deal with a dealer who's known to lie?

anyhoo - i like Ringmat, myself.
forget the AQ sorbogel mat, i used one for a while, and while it does definately reduce resonance, it is sticky, and has ruined a couple of my records, by leaving a thick residue, if i would have known, i would have never purchased it.
You certainly can't beat the Herbies Audio "Way Excellent Turntable Mat" for performance with this platter. I think they are arouind $50.00 or so and well worth the cost. They are thin enough so you don't have to adjust VTA ( unless you are really finicky like I am), but it will be the least expensive good sounding solution for you. Just google Herbies Audio to get to their website - Enjoy!