Best Martini s

I am tired of seeing threads only about things I don't drink(sorry beer and scotch fans). I like Martini's and maybe others out there do also. I prefer mine with Bombay Saphire gin and Noilly Prat French Dry Vermouth. Start with a boston shaker 2/3 full of ice cubes, then add room temp. gin (I usually use 2 jiggers of gin but I have large glasses) and then add a quick mist of chilled vermouth after the gin is comfortable with the ice and proceed to shake the hell out of it. Then strain into a chilled cocktail glass(I prefer Riedel crystal) with NO garnish, I once heard a saying "garnish is a speed bump on the road to bliss". Any other martini fans out there? what do you prefer?
Your martini sounds terrific. I would suggest a slightly different approach. Same exact steps except put the quick mist in the glass first, swirl it around to line the glass and pour it out. Then add your gin. Let me know what you think.

If you are ever in Austin, TX, they have the best "dirty martinis" I have ever had. I start with a "normal" martini and follow it up with a "dirty" one. They are terrific!
Jtinn, I'm in Austin right now on biz. Yeah, the martinis are like most things in Texas; big, and pack a punch. Cheers! Jeff
Muso & Frank's. Hollywood, California. Hands down. Plus a mini-carafe on the side. Bartenders are classic -- none younger than 70 years old. These blokes know how to make a proper, non fu-fu, Martini.

Now, for Martini Italiano -- i.e. a Negroni -- go to Overstreets. A couple of bartenders there have a passion for the "old time" drinks. I've even been thanked for ordering Negroni's there -- they *like* to make them.

Lastly, good Negroni at, of all places, the Holiday Inn in Kyoto (in Japan Holiday Inn's aren't really Holiday Inn's, if you know what I mean). Sit on the rooftop "beer garden", watching the river and sip away. Ahhhhhh!

I'm going to go shake some up right now...
juniper berries give me hives. thus, my "martinis" are comprised of vodka and vermouth. my recipe: chill your glasses in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours ( i also have a riedel collection but mine are for ports, sherries and bordeaux's - wouldn't put a $65+ stem in the subzero); chill grey goose vodka 'til it become close to gelled ( may require dry ice in the freezer ). into martini stem, pour about a quarter ounce of martini and rossi dry vermouth, swirl quickly and pour out. fill with the chilled grey goose and drink quickly. if you need a garnish, use cornishones on the side. if you feel more adventuresome, replace the grey goose with stolichnaya pertsovska ( pepper flavored) and garnish with fresh jalapenos, sliced lengthwise with seeds entact. - kelly
Cornfed, I thought you were a Manhatten guy. Doug
doug: you're correct about my preferences, tho i've been known to imbibe other products containing no less than 40% alcohol by volume, as well. favorite mahattan: maker's mark gold with a tiny bit of martini and rossi sweet vermouth, all chilled, poured out per martini recipe. (hate "perfect" mahattans). BTW, are you keepin' notes? ;o)
Yes, I'm taking notes. My wife is the martini drinker, I am the Manhatten drinker. For mine, M&R Sweet and Crown Royal, six to one, all chilled, no cherries. My wife loves Black Martini's, problem is I have yet to get one that matches one she had in Phoenix a year ago. Anyone got a Black Martini mix???? Doug
Jeffloistarca: That is quite a coincidence! I am sure if you are there on business, you are getting absolutely nothing accomplished :)

Have a BLAST!
I am also a Bombay Saphire lover, but I like it with Stock extra dry vermouth and Tipsy Onions.(big fat crunchy onions soaked in vermouth)
The correct answer is ICBMs. First you tale a 1.75 litre bottle of Bombay. I prefer the 80 proof, the Sapphire has too much of a bite for me. Place in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Take some clear ice, regular old ice will kill any decent booze, put it in a double old fashion Baccarat tumbler, and fill er up to the brim, being careful not to spill any of that precious liquid on the counter. Then you put the crystal in the freezer for exactly 1 hour. When the hour is up, take your masterpiece out of the freezer and you gingerly place exactly 3 smaller spanish olives on a sterling silver toothpick and insert into the glass. Swirl the olives around the Bacarrat and find a comfy chair and put on your favorite CD. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!!
FWIW, Anchor Distilling's Junipero Gin is amazing, and it comes from Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing (and, incidentally, family-wise, the appliances and the blue cheese, too). Haven't tried it in a martini, but it makes for an outstanding G&T. Very aromatic- I've heard it compared to the new Tanqueray Ten in terms of boldness.
Tireguy, I'm with U on dry's. Preparation differs slightly: a)TWO cubes for 1 drink, 3 for 2. Cover cubes w/ saphire, then add 2drops Noilly for 1 drink, 3 for 2. Shake fast, serve immediately after. Use cold glasses. The scent is exhilarating.
b)prepare *Noilly* ice-cubes: fill the ice-tray w/ spring water, add ONE drop of Noilly onto each cube, and freeze. Use these cubes for yr dry.
Tell me what you think...
2 parts Vox Vodka, 1 part Dekuyper Sour Apple Pucker, and a very thin green apple garnish to float - the ultimate appletini.
If you're in Chicago, be sure to go to the Mashed Potatoe Club. They specialize in 2 things--Mashed Potatoes and Martinis. The Mashed Potatoes are good--but the Martinis are amazing. I would recommend taking a cab.
If you actually want to taste the character of the vermouth (I think 10:1 is the limit) as opposed to just modifying the flavoring of the Sapphire, be sure to use a new bottle of Noilly Prat. Even when I cover the newly opened bottle with nitrogen and keep it in the fridge, my two most discerning Martini drinkers can tell the difference. They say it is least as much of a difference as power cords.
I have heard of a really 'extra' dry martini, allow me to share it with you:
Making the martini like you normally would but when it comes time to add the vermouth you either wisper vermouth at the mixing glass or look across the room at the bottle of vermouth, either way works it really depends how dry you want.
Another great non-traditional martini is the chocolate martini which is a splended drink:
You start with Kremlovskaya triple distilled chocolate vodka and then add white cream de cacao in the tradional martini ratio(being what ever tickles you pink) shake the hell out of it and strain into a chilled cocktail glass (and here is the super suave part) with the rim of the glass coated in chocolate shavings. A fantastic drink.
I switch around from Manhattens to Martinis. Yes, Bombay Sapphire is fine Gin, but, too much bite for a Martini. It's Boodles or Beefeater for me... 2.5 oz. with .5 oz. of Vermouth and as much ice as you can fit. The worst premium Gin for a Martini has to be Tanquerey... too limey, much better suited to a Gin and tonic. For Manhattens, it's Wild Turkey 101 50/50 with red vermouth and a splash of bitters. These pack a punch... be careful.
killer g.d. martuni. Trust me.
I have tried misting the vermouth into the chilled glass, works GREAT! I think I have a new technique thanks a lot that is exactly why I started this thread cheap tweeks on the booze makes the sound better, and that is scientifically proven heh heh heh. Any other ideas out there? come on you have to be able to share more
for all you dry martini lovers out there, let me pass on this story of urban folklore that was passed on to me by an old army warrant officer. it appears that one of the army officers assigned to the manhattan project was a test site director and avid martini drink. it so happens at one of the test blasts he placed a case of vermouth above the detonator. after the test blast and the "atomizing" of the vermouth he proclaimed to all that now there would be sufficient vermouth in the atmosphere for all the dry martinis of the the world. one great story. enjoy!
I'll drink to that.....
For you vodka lovers: Iceberg - made in Newfoundland out of, yep, ancient icebergs. Apparently this stuff is second only to Grey Goose in some competition and half the price. I mist the shaker (two spritzes), 3 cubes and 20 shakes. I swear thats Coltrane playing outta my fireplace. Cheers
Man I love ,,Martinis. Saphire.Beefeaters. alittle vermooth. Shaker 3/4 full of crushed ice,And Shaken for about 5min. Of course glass shall be crstal and put in the freezer for 20 min beforehand
-Baccarat stems chilled, not frozen (1/2 hour in freezer)
-Plymouth gin (U.K. version, not export) room temp.
-Boissiere vermouth, plus froid.
-Berrouni olive pitted, not stuffed.
-place gin in sterling shaker with distilled ice.
-microwave the olive until it steams.
-mist your mouth with the chilled vermouth and insert the steaming olive.
-shake the gin until your tongue stops burning.
-spit the olive into the Baccarat and swill the gin directly from the shaker.
-savor the moment.
-call 911.
I found a recipe for black martini's 10 parts Absolut Kurant vodka to 1 part Chambord(rasberry Liqueur), Hope this is what you were looking for Doug.