Best Marilyn Manson album?

I have Mechanical Animals, and like it, but feel like there is a better one out there. Suggestions?
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As far as I can tell they’re all super compressed, the CDs anyway. For that reason I’m out. He did make some entertaining vids back in the MTV era, I’ll grant you that.
I'm mainly listening on ear buds when I exercise, so compression is not as big a deal as when I listen on my big rig. I seldom listen to that genre of music on my big rig.
Give HOLYWOOD a try,its the one that put him on the map.
 Also check out a band called Filter if you like Manson.
Thanks, I'll give it a try and check out Filter.Best,Mike
Antichrist Superstar is good too. His albums are always consistant.
The Last Tour On Earth CD is SCARILY good! 
Just to show you, boys and girls, what happens when you over-do the dynamic range compression thing. Marilyn Manson, bless his heart, is Exhibit A for what happens when you take compression to the extreme.