Best Male Singers of the 20th Century

There is an interesting current discussion about the best female vocalists on CD. I have my own ideas about the best male singers (any category) of the 20th Century, but would like to hear other opinions.
Two of my favorite male voices are Nat King Cole And Shawn Phillips (Second Contribution -1970 )
Don't forget Cat Stevens, Boz Scaggs, and Brian Setzer. In my opinion these three are very talented.
Freddy Mercury from Queen. Excellent! Coreographer, stage presents, range of voice and enthusiasm projected. Enveloping a concert within his creativte grasp and then... BAM! making you part of it. It don't get any better than that. Anyone missing queen in their prime has truly been deprived of their wounderous concerts. A true rock and roll band for the people, and concert goer. My Rock & Roll Opinion!!!
Michael Stipe?? Is this the "Best Whiners" thread?? Rod Stewart??? What makes these guys think they're soul singers?? Who's next?? Michael Bolton?? Rob and Fab are supremely talented compared to him!! My votes go to Sam Cooke (Mr. SMOOTH); the INCOMPARABLE Jackie Wilson (He really could sing anything!! Even cut an album of Al Jolson tunes!!) And my all time fave- Rudy West of the 5 Keys. Now those guys could sing !! Can't believe nobody listed Jackie Wilson unless I missed it.
Freddie Mercury of Queen was without a doubt the best male vocalist. Range, talent and an entertainer without peer.