Best Male Singers of the 20th Century

There is an interesting current discussion about the best female vocalists on CD. I have my own ideas about the best male singers (any category) of the 20th Century, but would like to hear other opinions.
Rayhall - very interesting comments. From what little I've read, Sinatra was gracious and kind to Connick. I heard the 1st time Connick performed in front of the Chairman, he totally choked, clammed the song and had to start over again, having humiliated himself in front of his Idol and Demigod. Sinatra apparently was encouraging and gentle...perhaps the way one is with inept children. Now, don't all nuke me...I'm certainly not implying Connick is either inept or immature. But I would acknowledge there is much truth in Rayhall's observation about disparity between the accolade "best" and a blatantly derivative artist. BTW, I'm going to tell the Chairman (via the 800-psychic hotline) that you're placing Nat in front of him and he may send Jimmy Hoffa after you...
Glad for the reinforcement on bashing Connick. I had the misfortune of watching this guy on TV last New Year's Eve while trying to find any news about the Y2K potential meltdown. He did "Cry Me A River" and I'm here to tell you, I was shocked at how bad he was. Totally banal and flat-footed. No feeling. All pretense. It's like he had no idea what he was singing about. To give you an idea how bad he was, my next stop in channel flipping brought me to Barry Manilow and I actually thought WELL of Barry. He had energy, power, control and projection. The material might have been dreadful, but Barry believed in it and put it across. As others have noted, a great singer has to convey the feeling of the song.
Ouch! Actually I think Connick Jr. sings more in a jazz style. But no doubt the voice sounds like an immitation of Sinatra. Maybe that's why I like his voice.
Hi Joysjane; Hey-- don't let the guys with the buckets of cold water ruin your enjoyment of Harry Connick Jr.. It's the music and the way it affects YOU that is really important. Rayhall roasted my choices of Diana Krall and John Fogerty (CCR) as great singers, so you're not alone. Michael-- glad to see that someone else thinks John Fogerty is "great". And yes, context is important. Enjoy the music you enjoy Joysjane. Cheers. Craig
.......Rayhall probably does his serious listening on a $89.00 boom box while you and I have excellent taste in both music and equipment. Cheers again. Craig